Friday, August 28, 2009

Pink Elephants and Purple Cows

Why.....Well because well...well just because that's just the way it is. Yes sometimes things get a little crazy, and a lot busy. My house is sometimes not much more than controlled chaos, but lets be honest without a little chaos life would get kinda boring. If things ran smoothly everyday what we have to learn from or laugh about. Even still I must admit today I am tired, and a bit cranky. Okay so a lot cranky. I don't really want to talk about that at least not right now, not today. I want to talk about the quirky, crazy, off the wall thing I think about when I need a little laugh inside my head. No you do not want to be inside my head it's dangerous, weird, geeky, complicated, and well just a bit odd at times. So anyways when I am stressed or need to switch my thoughts. I think of.....Are you ready for this? I think of Pink Elephants and Purple Cows. Why well because counting to 10 never really worked out to well for me, and well this is just way funnier, and it makes me smirk before the stress even have a chance to devour me. So before you write me off as a totally insane(which I my very well be, but that's a different blog)you should try it out. I bet you at least grin. Pink Elephants, Purple Cows, Pink Elephants, Purple Cows! In my experience it's all about finding what works for you, and knowing it really is okay to be a little off the wall!!! =)


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