Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clever and Fun Children's Costumes{DIY}

I searched the Internet for a few DIY costume ideas for children. There are so many fantastic ideas out there. I just keep wondering where all the fabulous creative juices come from that these people have, because I want some of it. Anyway folks... I thought I would share some my favorite costume finds of the day. I would love to see some of your creative costume creations(All costumes are fair game:pets,adults,children, and babies,)….I may even have to feature them on my blog or hold a little costume contest(depending on how many emails I receive) here on Inside My Head. So if you have an awesome costume creation you would like to share email it to me at insidemyheadblog(at)yahoo(.)com before Wednesday October 8th .

5 Totally Phenomenal DIY Children’s Costumes

Photo credit and idea to Disney FamilyFun

1. Unicorn: transform your little darling into a fairy tale land with this mystical and unique unicorn costume. Made with felt and a hoodie this is sure to be a hit with all her friends, and the good news is it's fairly simple to pull it all together before the costume parties and trick or treating begins.

Photo credit and idea to Disney FamilyFun

2. Crocodile Wrestler: this adorable little getup is sure to satisfy even the most adventurous of children. The costume is created with simple Khaki color clothing, and handmade with soft Styrofoam , a crocodile, binoculars, and a safari hat.

Photo credit and idea to Lizette Greco

3. Mario mustache and all. This is one adorable little plumbing hero from Nintendo Mario Bros. game. The costume is manageable to pull together with over-sized overalls, red turtleneck, white gloves, red hat (painted or sewn on M symbol), and don’t forget the all important mustache. Add in a few accessories, and you are good to go save Princess Peaches!

Photo and idea credit to Quick&Simple

4. Pink Poodle: I just fell in love with this little puppy. Made with pom-poms and a sweat suit, this little costume is going to melt a few hearts into handing out the good candy bars.

Photo and idea create to Pera Chapita

5. Circus Folks: this is always a great last minute cost idea because it can work for boys and girls of any age range. You can transform your children into the whole circus ringmasters, mimes, lion tamers, trapeze artist, and of course the all time favorite clowns. With clowns you can dress them as crazy and wacky as you like, and it’s one time you don’t have to worry about matching. With any of these circus character costumes your imagination is the limit...let it run away with you at least to the circus!