Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Engagment Story

My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We'll lock them up together,
And throw away the key.
~Frederick Saunders

To round out our focus on LOVE this month. I ask Jessica Smith to share her engagement story with us. What a wonderful presence love is in all our lives. What a marvelously exciting time it is for these two young lovebirds to be planning their lifetime together. Hope you enjoy this little piece from my guest writer Jessica Smith.

Joshua Anders & Jessica Smith: An Engagement

How We Met:
We met in 2004 at the local coffee shop, Poet's, through mutual friends and general proximity. After 6 months of friendship, we realized that we both felt something more. August 7th was the first official time we acknowledged that what we had was something real, possibly even love.

Leading Up To A Proposal:
We knew right from the start that we wanted to spend forever together. We did not rush the action behind that decision however, as it took 5 years for him to finally pop the question. I am incredibly grateful for this, as we were able to both grow up and make sure our priorities were in order before taking this plunge.

The Ski Trip:
One pivotal event that solidified Joshua's place in my family was the ski trip we took in 2008. Until this family trip, Joshua had never spent a lot of time with my family, as he is really shy and they are sort of intimidating in their outgoingness. During this trip, however, he finally let them see what it is that I love so much about him. My father was incredibly impressed at his inability to give up when he was miserably failing at mastering snowboarding, and my mother saw how he took care of me after a nasty injury on the slopes. He was finally considered one of the family, and I knew then that my parents would support us in marriage.

The Proposal:
This past December, Josh came into town a few days before my birthday (December 30th) so we could exchange Christmas gifts and spend time together. I had been getting minor hints that he might propose during this visit so I made a joke about how he should hurry up and talk to my father (to ask permission to marry me of course).
He totally surprised me by (very seriously) saying that we had discussed this before and nothing was happening until summer. I was crushed. The next day, we hung around my parents house and apparently I was in a snippy mood because of my disappointment the night before (I don't recall being a jerk, but everyone says it it probably did). We decided to drive out to Josh's moms to let our dogs out before we went to a friend's house for games.

When we arrived there, Josh let the dogs out and I started to run upstairs to shower but he yelled for me to wait, and to watch the dogs with him. I went outside and he told me how much he loved me, and got down on one knee. The rest is a screaming, crying blur...but I definitely said yes.

After calling my parents and scream crying to tell them about my excitement, we went to their house to celebrate.
Expecting just to see my brothers and parents, I was surprised again to see that Josh and my mom had planned a surprise engagement party with our best friends and family.

Wedding Plans and Details:
Our vision for our wedding is simple. We want a celebration filled with love, dancing, and the most important people in our lives. We're going for a vintage fun feel.
I haven't searched for dresses yet, but I believe I want a knee length fun dress and hopefully amazing aqua heels.

Our food situation hasn't been resolved yet, as we are still debating between a plated dinner or a hors d'oeuvres, less formal, event. We are going for a cup-cake tier made by my future sister in law, Chung, and Josh wants his own cup-cakes decorated as Star Wars characters for his groom's cake.

After seeing how beautiful my friend Sarah Page's engagement and wedding pictures were, we enlisted the talents of the amazing photographer Daniel Sutton of Creative Push, and we couldn't be more excited.

We plan on marrying in my home church of First United Methodist Church in Livingston. Dr. Craig Green will marry us, as he has been such a big part in my spiritual growth. I plan on having my best friend in the universe, Betsy, as my maid of honor, and my two cousins, Emily and Claire, from Canada to be my bridesmaids.
Joshua plans on having his best friend Thomas as his best man, and my brother Colin and his friend Charlie as his groomsmen.

Most Important:
Beyond all the fun ideas we keep coming up with to make our celebration special, the most important is that our ceremony be centered around inviting God into our marriage and starting our life together.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jennifer and Zack

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Shaw. Jennifer and Zack Shaw got married on November 5th 2005 in the small town of Livingston, Tn. The Ceremony took place in the chapel of the Livingston United Methodist Church a beautiful location for a fall wedding. I remember the color scheme for the wedding being bright and beautiful. Reminding me much of the bride really. She is bright, beautiful, with the most enchanting smile. She was such an elegant, happy, lovely bride! This November Jennifer and Zack will celebrate five wonderful years together. I wish them blessing, love, hope, happiness, and adventures, as they continue down life's roads together.

"But love, I've come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day."
— Nicholas Sparks (The Wedding)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snippet Sunday {Happy Father's Day}

Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband! He has been an wonderful Father since day one! My how our children have grown in just one year!

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father! ~Lydia M. Child, Philothea: A Romance, 1836

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Love of Dear Old Dad

I know Father's Day isn't until Sunday, but today's blog is in honor of my father, James Lee Little. My dad is, well, amazing! He has worked so hard his whole life to support his family and give us an amazing life. His hands tell that story; his rough, gentle, hard working hands. My dad is the staple of honesty and kindness. The kind of man that I have watched on countless, countless times stop to help people or give up his own time to go out of his way to fix something for someone else. I don't mean to brag, but my dad can pretty much fix anything. There is so much he has taught me about life and family. I don't really have the word to express to what this man means to me. He has guided me along life's paths, given me great advice, fixed countless car issues, held me while I cried, trusted me to make my own decisions and mistakes, and never once has he tried to change his girly girl, tomboy, princess of a daughter. He has done nothing but love me and always allowed me to be who I am. This year has been a tough year on him and this family in general, but I have never been prouder to be his daughter! He has represented this family with love and honor. He has always put us; his family, neighbors, friends, and even strangers before he even starts to think of himself. He is one of the most unselfish people I know. His heart is golden, precious and tender. My heart just bursts with love that I am lucky enough be named after him! I couldn't have ask for a better Daddy and no matter where life takes me, I will always be his little girl! So, Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! I love you and I'm blessed that God gave me such an amazing Dad!!! You are a pillar in my world!

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
~Clarence Budington Kelland

Friday, June 18, 2010

Alicia and Chris

Newly weds Christopher J Hammock and Alicia Ellen Rich didn't let a little blizzard get in the way of what was most important, their love. Even though the guest list went from 325 to around 125 due to the uninvited snow of January 29th, 2010, that didn't discourage this couple from proceeding with the ceremony. Alicia still describes that day as the best wedding imaginable. I must say the bride looked stunning in her photograph. I think she was glowing with happiness and happiness, my friends, is the single best accessory a girl can have. Of course, the dress is important too ;). Wishing Chris and Alicia many years of love to come and may this first year be extra special for them. Cheers to you both for not losing focus of what is the most important thing during a wedding ceremony, EACH OTHER!

True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Micheal and Stephanie

I thought in celebration of all things love, I simply must include some real life couples on my blog. I asked a few couples to go digging in there photographs and share a trip down memory lane with us, a trip that would take them to the day they got married. Today, I am featuring the first of those couples. Meet Michael and Stephanie Murphy. They were married on June 30, 2007, and will be celebrating 3 years of marriage at the end of the month! What a beautiful couple they are! Wishing them many more happy years together filled with adventures and love! I hope you will keeping revisiting Inside my Head to check out all the other wedding photographs and lovely couples that will be featured this month.

Credit to Tige Casey for the Photography

Spring is here
The sky is blue
Birds all sing
As if they knew
Today's the day
We'll say I do
And we'll never be lonely anymore
Because we're Goin' to the chapel and we're
Gonna get married
Goin' to the chapel and we're
Gonna get married
Gee, I really love you and we're
Gonna get married
Goin' to the chapel of love Bells will ring
The sun will shine
I'll be his and
He'll be mine
We'll love until
The end of time
And we'll never be lonely anymore
Because we're
Goin' to the chapel and we're
Gonna get married
Goin' to the chapel and we're
Gonna get married
Gee, I really love you and we're
Gonna get married
Goin' to the chapel of love

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Mother's LOVE

In honor of my Mom. Today is her birthday, so I would like to dedicate this blog to her.

As mother's, we all have to take a few steps back and remind ourselves what is important. Believe me, this is always easier said than done. Sometimes breaking habits and routine to become a better mother is necessary and difficult. Adding children to our lives is always much more complicated than anyone can prepare you for. There is guilt, overwhelming situations, unrealistic expectations, and all those little secret struggles. On the other hand, there is also a great joy that comes with becoming a mother that no one can prepare you for. Case in point, all the accomplishment you tackle during motherhood will always seem bigger, no matter how many failures came before the victories! Hugs are also one of the great joys of motherhood. There are few things that make me happier than a random, uncoached hug from one of my sons. Pride you have for your children will also bring along some little joys. I remember how excited and proud I was when my oldest sang his first song in front of an audience. Then there is the most obvious joy, LOVE. It's just unconditional between a mother and child, or at least it should be! Sure when my kids are screaming, running in the house, fighting, crying about dinner do I want to pull my hair out? Of course I do! Do I struggle with things like loosing my cool and yelling too much, or spending quality time with each of my three kids? Of course I do! The key thing is that I remember daily how much I love my children and what marvelous blessing and privilege it is to be their mother. I love them with every fiber in my being. My happiness is linked to their happiness in many ways. It is one of the magical things about the love between mother and child. People say all the time how much a child needs a mother. I believe in a big way a mother needs her children just as much. So here is to not being a perfect mother, but a mother that embraces, cherishes, and loves her children to the best of her ability. Here is to also taking on the role of mom and letting God show me just how significant that role is daily! Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go and play with my kids =)

photo credit to Kelli Trontell

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Art of Love {Polyvore Style}

I am bringing to you today a few of my favorite Polyvore art sets showing of the subject of love! Seriously folks these sets should be displayed as wall art, or at the very least they should be printed on hallmark cards! If your a member of the polyvore community make sure you click on the art below and give these artist some positive feed back!

Lets Spend the Moon Together

Love Heart


I must have loved you before

Diving into love

Monday, June 14, 2010


What comes to mind when you think of the color red? I think of red as the color most often associated with passion and love. Maybe it's because every year, when Valentines Day rolls around, department stores are covered in all things, flowers, cloths, jewelry etc, or maybe it's because I think of red as such a happy color. Did you know putting a little red in your life has been known to give you more energy and increase your confidence? I don't know about you, but I could certainly use both of those things in my life of raising three little boys. Go ahead, try a little red in your life and see if what they say is true. Paint a room this vibrant color. Slip into a little red dress and hit the town running. Buy yourself a bouquet of gorgeous red flowers!!!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Snippet

So I figure for the most part on the weekends I don't have a lot of time to blog, but I still wanted to do a little something. So I figured I would make Sunday a snippet day. The day where I share a little something with my readers maybe a photograph, quote, or even just a silly little thought. So today is the first of my Sunday Snippets...Since this month we are focusing on LOVE. I thought I would share a little blast from my past, and one of the most amazing days of my life. We are going to be celebrating 10 years of marriage later this month, and I am truely blessed. I am sure I will share more about that later this month, but for right now here is a little snippet of my heart in the form of a photograph our first dance!

Picture taken June 24th, 2000

Friday, June 11, 2010

Music and Love

Love is expressed in all sorts of manners, but music is probably one of the strongest. A great love song just has a way of melting our hearts. Music and love seem to go hand in hand. Today on Inside My Head I thought I would just share with you one of my favorite love songs. So below you will find the lyrics, and a youtube video of Maybe I'm Amazed one of my all time favorite love songs. I actually enjoy both Paul McCartney, and Jem's version of this song, but choose to share Paul's version since he did write the song. I would love to hear from some of my readers about the songs that speak love to them.

by Paul McCartney

Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time
Maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you
Maybe I'm amazed at the way you pulled me out of time
And hung me on a line

Maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you
Baby I'm a man maybe I'm a lonely man
Who's in the middle of something
That he doesn't really understand

Baby I'm a man and maybe you're the only woman
Who could ever help me
Baby won't you help me understand,Oooohh

Baby I'm a man, maybe I'm a lonely man
Who's in the middle of something
That he doesn't really understand

Baby I'm a man and maybe you're the only woman
Who could ever help me
Baby won't you help me understand, oohhh

Maybe I'm amazed at the way you're with me all the time
Maybe I'm afraid of the way I leave you
Maybe I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song
Right me when I'm wrong
Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you

Oh,Oh,ohhh, yeah, oh,oh ohhh yeahh Oo-oo

Enjoy this Youtube Video Posted By: PaulMcCartneyVids

Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 Summer Date Ideas For Nashville, Tennessee

Movie under the stars
Take your sweetheart to Movies in the Park. To bring the date around to a more romantic mood pack a grown up picnic dinner for two. My suggestions would be Pita bread sandwiches, strawberries, cheese & crackers and teacakes for dessert. Grab a bottle of bubbly, either real or sparkling grape juice will do. Don't forget the wine glasses for the over the top romance. Collect your quilt and head out to Centennial Park. There is no admission fee and the movie starts at sunset. The movies will be playing every Wednesday in the month of June.

Garden Stroll
Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is a beautiful garden located here located here in Nashville, TN. Chilhuly at Cheekwood, Chilhuly Nights, and Live at Cheekwood are just a few of special events hosted at the gardens throughout the year. You and your special love will enjoy strolling through the gardens and taking in the uniquely gorgeous display of colors. Make sure to stop in at the Pineapple Room Restaurant for lunch in it's bistro atmosphere. Take note that reservations are encouraged. The cost of admission is $12 dollars each and the restaurant dishes are priced between $9-$15 dollars.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame
For the more sporty or adventurous couple. grab your baseball cap and have a casual fun filled night at Geer Stadium. Take in one of America's favorite past times and cheer on the Nashville Sounds. Don't forget to enjoy a hot dog,and peanuts for the full baseball game experience. Ticket prices for a sounds game general admission are $14 dollars each. You can save a couple bucks if you purchase your tickets in advance!

Pottery Passion
For the couple who is passionate about not only each other, but also about art, the Brush Fire Pottery Studio is the place for you. Spend the afternoon or evening hours of this date creating your own personal unique piece of art. The prices are affordable and they have a large selection of pottery pieces to choose from. Not only will you and your better half have fun with a quality moment being creative as a couple, at the end of the experience, you will have something tangible to remember your time together. The admission fee to the art studio is $6 dollars each, which covers all the supplies needed to decorate your ceramics. The Pottery pieces range from $6 to $40 dollars.

Hide Out At The Factory
Spend your date in Franklin, TN at The Factory. The Factory is a unique, enchanting place of business, with an assortment of dining options. You can dress causal or get all dressed up for your evening out at The Factory. Spoil yourselves with ice cream and shopping. Even take in a little theater experience at the Boiler Room. So many options for an unforgettable evening out with your special someone hiding out in an old factory. The cost of this date is totally up. You can window shop and spend $0 dollars or you can spend hundreds of dollars and everywhere in-between.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One on One LOVE!

My husband and I have brainstormed many times about starting up a tradition that would implement some one on one time with each of our children. This month those ideas came to life. We decided to start with our two older children. When our youngest, Cooper, is a little older, he will be rolled into rotation as well. It happens once a month, alternating which parent gets which child. We feel like this time allows us to get to know each of our children on a deeper level and give us a better chance to actually listen to what they have to say. We are hoping and praying this lays a foundation for a life long, real and valuable relationship with our sons. This month, I got the chance to spend time with my middle son five year old, Wesley. I called it a date night with Mommy. It was simple and so enjoyable. We went to Sonic where we each ordered a junior candy sundae and we split a Dr. Pepper. The total cost was $4 dollars. He smiled the whole time, which completely melted my heart, of course. The conversation consisted of The Wiggles music, what he learned in Sunday school, and his little circle of friends. We tried each others ice cream and laughed because it got all over Wes's nose. All in all, we just spent quality time together. It was truly a priceless night and I realized just how important this one on one time really is. I felt it making such and impact on me, as Wesley's mother, and how nice it was to have a conversation and a good laugh without any interruptions of day to day life. I just can't wait for all the future date nights with my sons. Next month it will be me and my eldest son, Carter, and I really truly am so excited about it. This one on one time with my sons is just filling my heart up with an unbelievable amount of LOVE.....what a great feeling it is!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A+ Blogging

Our focus this month is going to be LOVE, but before I get started on that topic for the month. I wanted to share a cute little blogging trend going around. Bloggers are giving each other awards. I was awarded my first one today by a fellow blogger from Two Bears Farm. I thought what a great idea this is. Not only does it make you just feel down right great that someone is actually reading your blog, but it also drums up some more readers/followers. It is also a wonderful way to share what you have been reading in the blogging world, and give your fellow blogger some credit! =) I promise we will get back to the topic of love tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

So the rules of the award are this:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Tell seven things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!(in no particular order)
4. Let them know you have awarded them the prize.

1. I am Mommy to 3 amazing little boys!!! The are my heart and happiness. Motherhood is the greatest job you will ever love that makes you pull your hair out daily.
2. I don't just read I devour books they are my escape to far away lands!
3. I find tattoos beautiful. My husband and I have matching wedding band tattoos, and I love them!!!
4. I have been in love with the same man since I was 14 years old.
5. I am a believer in Jesus!!!
6. I love photography! I secertly wished my family could be photographed everyday. I don't want to forget any of these precious memories we are making. Photography is such a great way capture treasured moments. It is also a wonderful way to express ourselves and make a very personal art.
7. I don't really like talking on the phone. I love having dinner or hanging out with friends and family, but I am terrible at keeping in touch by phone.

The 15 Bloggers I Pass the Awarded to are.....(drum roll please)
1. Melissa at The Written, Spoken, and Visual Word
2.Kelli at Kelli Trontell{photography}
3. Stephanie at You Paid What?!?
4. Bonny Blue at Bonny Blue Bows
5. Allen at Brilliance and Madness
6. Rebekah at Beautiful Crazy Life
7. Anna Marie at As I See It
8. Daniel White at Six Degrees of DCW
9. Lindsey White at Lindsey White Creative
10. Pink Posh at Pink Posh Photography
11. Megan at The Story of Us
12. Mark and Sarah at 3+2=ONE
13. Josh Marx at Josh Marx Photography
14. Kim at Everything Esty
15. Melissa Haslam at Cherry Fields

Monday, June 7, 2010

What is Love?

The month of June is all about love or at least here on Inside My Head it's going to be. We are going to be talk about and celebrate all things love! To kick it off I thought I would simply share the many definitions of the word love! I hope you will leave me some of your own comments, and share what love means to you.

LOVE   /lʌv/ Show Spelled [luhv] Show IPA noun, verb,loved, lov·ing.

1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2.a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3.sexual passion or desire.
4.a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
5.(used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?
6.a love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.
7.sexual intercourse; copulation.
8.(initial capital letter) a personification of sexual affection, as Eros or Cupid.
9.affectionate concern for the well-being of others: the love of one's neighbor.
10.strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything: her love of books.
11.the object or thing so liked: The theater was her great love.
12.the benevolent affection of god for His creatures, or the reverent affection due from them to God.
13.Chiefly Tennis. a score of zero; nothing.
14.a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter L.

–verb (used with object) have love or affection for: All her pupils love her. have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person). have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in: to love music. need or require; benefit greatly from: Plants love sunlight. embrace and kiss (someone), as a lover.