Thursday, August 27, 2009


I would like to put a spotlight on when a hobby becomes a work of art. Two young, beautiful, creative, small town country girls have done just that. They have taken something that they both love to do, and turned it into precious moments captured on film. The young ladies turn important moments, events, people, and create art. They are inspired by life, and the passionate love they have for it, they embrace your moments as if they are their own. Giving the gift of making time stand still in photos. They keep your babies hands and feet tiny, capture a laugh from your true love, a snuggle formed between father and daughter, the growth of an expanding family, the beauty a bride feels on her special day. These amateur photographers have captured a gift of not only taking beautiful photos for a hobby, but they have mastered the ability to capture life as it blooms, and gifts to us something to remember it by. Their photographs are the art of true life. Small and precious impressions stolen from father time himself. To take a viewing of the Art just click here - Impressions . That will navigate you to the beauty of life the girls captured thus far. Enjoy!


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