Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red Horizon, a fragment of my own heart

Red Horizon
Sea moss green, with a touch of golden
As if the sun herself kissed his eyes
With a touch of her brightest ray
Twinkling with fire of an emotion left unexplored
A mischievous smirk upon his childhood face
With a tall and slender frame
To guide his soul along this path of brilliant youth
A fragment of my very own heart
My beautiful red horizon, my beautiful sun kissed son….

I wrote this poem one late night when sleep wasn't coming very easily to me. I was missing my first born son Carter who was off visiting his Grandparents for 3 weeks. This poem is some of the amazing things I see when I look at my oldest son. He has beautiful red hair that makes him stand out in crowd of children. His eyes are a deep moss green, with just a touch of yellow. His eyes carry something inside of them that I am pretty sure has not yet been revealed to the world yet. He rarely gives a full on smile, but in it's place is a little smirk. Which lets me know he is happy, up to something, or has a surprise up his sleeve. He is taller than most his classmates, and extremely slender. Which has earned him the nickname Sticks. He is clever, witty, and a bit of a perfectionist in the things he loves. I see his father's passion for music in this little boy that thinks he is already an adult. There are so many days I know that I am way to hard on him, expecting more out of him than I should because he is the eldest, but knowing how very smart, and capable he is of so many great things that will fall within his path, and knowing that he has something truly great to offer this world. I wrote this poem for me, and for him. Because I am honored to be his Mother, and he truly is a fragment of my own heart!


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