Friday, August 14, 2009

Letting Go...the end of summer

As the glorious days of summer are coming to a close, and the busy months of the upcoming school year begin I will admit I am a bit sad. Which I believe we can be sad, and excited all that same time. Sad because I enjoy my children the laughter, hugs, adventures, and all the great joy they bring me in one single day. My children are not burdens to me, even when I do feel as though I could pull my hair out or the moments I feel as steam is truly seeping from ears. When summer ends so do so many of the great memory making childhood moments, the field trips to Grandma's house and the zoo, roasting marshmallows on a muggy summer night, catching fireflies because you are truly amazed by their beauty, water gun fights with cousins, being care free because that's what summers for. So many amazing memories built in the months of summer. So I am sad about its end, and letting go once again. The time comes every year for me to let him go. While my heartaches to keep him neatly protected beneath my wings, I must send him out into this world without me. And while this makes me sad in so many ways, I am also excited for what this year holds for him. Learning new things, meeting new people, forming relationships, and taking his small steps to adulthood. I am excited for him and for his future, although I wouldn't mind if time would move a bit slower. So guiding him the best I can, helping him avoid mistakes, but letting him make a few along the way....I pray for him, love him, and I am extremely proud of him! So as the summer ends, and this school year begins letting my oldest go and wishing him a fabulous, fun, productive school year...with so many marvelous adventures this 2nd grade year!


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