Sunday, August 30, 2009

People of Our Neighborhood

Who are the people of our neighborhood....A couple nights ago when sleep once again shunned me. I started thinking about topics and subjects for my blog. Then it hit me. I know so many interesting people who are living out dreams, effecting other people lives, and making a difference in our community. Some do it quietly with simple acts of service or even just with their career choice. While others are screaming to the world and to share their art and talents, and even their callings. People who bravely wake up every morning ready to fight today's battles. I admire these people, and I believe that each one of them in their own special ways holds many of the keys to life, dreams, success, and the pursuit of happiness. They all struggle, stress, fall down, lose their way, and just have some gosh darn bad days, but they keep getting up, and keep running the race for dreams. They keep doing their part to make a difference in our little corn of the world. I believe these people and people like them are the heart of our communities. So I have decided to dedicate a blog series to these often over looked folks. The average Joe's that really aren't so average! Stay tuned this week for the series of interviews with unique individuals that make up the people in our neighborhood, and help me celebrate them this week!


Anonymous said...

James, I love you for so many reasons and one of them is your ability to see the beauty in every human being you know. I love that. love, morgan

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