Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Wife's Review

Nine years ago this past June I married my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my rock, and my soul mate. A creative type, a fabulous father, a God fearing man, loving husband, and one of the most talent people I have ever known. A passionate songwriter which is one of the many reasons I fell deeply in love with him. I will save you from the millions of other mushie reasons that I love him. Lets get back to the song writing, and music making part of this incredible man. This year with the help of many friends, wonderful musicians, talented voices, a few incredible co-writers, and my very talented brother-in-law the first independent album Four Letter Word was released this year. Which in my humble opinion these songs are Stephen Garrett at his best. Four Letter Word is an album about real, raw, unpredictable love. He blends lyrics and melodies together into a sweet and sour romantic tango of love. His ability to magically weave many personal experiences and being a witness to lives into the lines of so many of his songs. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, and taking a chance on the public feeling, experiencing, and looking for love in much of the same way this album is screaming. All this to say that in my home, and in the deepest unbroken, unjaded pieces of my heart is where I hold my love for this man, this creator of art. Even in the struggles of living this musically lead dream, and the sacrifices that are made by my family as a whole, are so very worth it when I listen to this finished project,this Four Letter Word album all about love. No matter what our future holds I am proud to be the wife of this song writing fool, and I am proud to have a love that is just not breakable!!! So here is to being his Angel!!! And here is to everyone out there taking a look at someone you love, and being proud of the accomplishments,the struggles overcome, and the dreams being lived!!!!


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