Monday, May 17, 2010

Suprise Trip to Neverland

We took our two oldest children, Carter and Wesley, to see a small production of Peter Pan over the weekend. The theater was Belcourt located in Hillsboro village, a very charming little section of Nashville. The play was put on by Olde Worlde Theatre Company, who's motto is "progressively mixing the old with the new". I must say, I loved the feel and atmosphere of the old theater as soon as I took my seat. After much hype and plenty of guessing through out the week, I think my children were pleased with the outcome of their surprise outing as well. It was the first theater experience for my middle son Wesley, who has actually been glued to an old Broadway production of Peter Pan on our Netflix instant watch this past month. He was bouncing with excitement, so was I secretly. I love the theater. The play itself was by no means a Broadway production, but it's price fit nicely into the families budget. It was entertaining enough for the whole family to enjoy, about the equivalent to a high school play. The costumes where colorful, the actors were energetic and well spirited. After it was all over and every morsel of our large popcorn was devoured, we went out to the lobby where we found the actors mingling with the audience. I thought that was a lovely treat, although my children didn't want to get to close... The crocodile might bite you know. After all, it did bite off Captain Hooks hand! Later, I think my middle son was sorry he didn't meet Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Wesley decided that very day he was going to be Captain for Halloween, never mind that it is 5 months away. In typical Wes style, we had to dig up pirate attire for him to play in by days end, complete with a tin foil hook. It truly was a pleasant Saturday Morning with my family filled with imagination, faith, trust, and maybe even a little dash of pixie dust. The day just made me one happy Mommy!! !

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet Little Treats

Sometimes you just want to shower your Mom with gifts, so I thought I would share a few sweet little gift ideas all for under $10! Yep under $10. There are so many sweet little shops out there just waiting to be discovered. Etsy and are two of my favorites. I love handmade gifts. Also facebook has a whole world of folks out there selling their crafts.

For the Mom who loves to journal, list make, or just write down her dreams, this is just the perfect little book for the mom who loves to write!Make a Wish Book/Journal $4.00

For the Mom who likes to sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of tea: Cute Little Tea Wallets from Pursonally Your's $8.00

The Mom who loves Jewelry, this little adjustable rose ring is so sweet. Rose Ring $5.95

For the environmentally aware Mother, Help her go green with a reusable shopping tote. Handmade reusable Tote $4.00

For the Mom who can't get enough of her little people, this little mini album is cute! Palbums $5.99

For the Mommies who love to read: The Encouragement Book $4.99 only and only a $1 shipping right now!

Also these photo strips make super awesome gifts for Mommies all over the world and it only costs $2.50, no matter where you send it...yep $2.50! That is the total cost of these little Wink photostrips! One more thing did I mention the first one you send is totally FREE!!!

So if your looking to show the special Mom in your life a little love though gift giving this month or any other month for that matter, this blog just gives you a few options and lends you a helping hand. Hopefully it proves that you don't have to break the bank to give Mom a little treat. Everyone loves to be thought of and appreciated. Nothing says that better than a random gift of kindness. Anyone can buy a gift on Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, and Mother's Day, but to remember your loved ones on a random day, just because. That is something special. Now remember, nobody knows your Mom like you do, so put a little thought into whatever gifts you buy. Make it mean something. Oh, and included a little handwritten note when at all possible! Just a few little tips from Inside My Head.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Whole New World

Meet Mrs. Katherine Green. Katherine and I have only recently begun to get to know each other. We met at NewSong Woodbine, the foursquare church our families attend here in Nashville. Soon after, we found ourselves in the same Lifegroup and Women's Bible Study. Katherine is the Mother of two precious little girls, with a third little princess on the way. Katherine is probably the most honest, blunt, no holds barred person I know, which I absolutely love about her. She doesn't wear a mask or pretend to be someone she is not. I know, refreshing isn't it? She is also a mighty servant to others, including her family. For example, when my son Wesley was about to have his 3rd surgery, she baked us cookies and dropped them off, knowing we’d need a snack on the way to Atlanta. This made an impression on my heart. She is, by the way, an astounding cook. In addition to all those really impressive qualities, Katherine is smart, dependable, a natural leader, and lets not forget an adoring mother. Kathy is raising her daughters as a stay at home mom, a calling she felt from the Lord. Even though she had worked very hard on her career path and earned a degree in Civil Engineering, in the end, Katherine decided to follow God's plan of putting her career on hold for a season and stepping into a whole new world of stay at home motherhood. I must say, I have a lot of admiration for her for laying down her own dreams, and chasing after God's instead. Not only is she doing it and being obedient to the Lord, she is finding contentment and love in her role. I honestly look forward to growing an even a deeper friendship with this stunning woman. I appreciate Mrs. Katherine for taking the time to answer my interview questions.I hope you enjoy taking in what she had to say about her own experience with motherhood and it's ups, downs, and in betweens.

Interview With a Stay At Home Mom

Q: What made you decided to stay at home with your children?
A: God told me to. It was an impossible task, working the 50-60 hours work week expected of me and being a good mom too.

Q: Do you feel any stress that you don't contribute to the family funds?
A: All the time

Q: How do you make sure to spend time with your children?
A: Well, I am with Ellie all day, and there’s NO ignoring her. I make sure Sarah and I have a little time each night before bed.

Q: Do you feel that because you are a stay-at-home mom that people assume you have all this extra time?
A: Definitely

Q: How do you achieve some alone time?
A: I rarely do. When I do, I leave the kids with dad and head to Ross, Target, Kohl's, or the Starbucks.

Q: Do you miss having a job/career?
A: Very much

Q: What is the largest sacrifice you think stay at home mothers make?
A: Self-identity

Q: What is your favorite thing about staying home with your children?
A: The fact that I (at least appear to be) their favorite person in the world (most of the time.)

Q: What is the best and worst advice you have ever been given?
A: That staying home with my kids was the best job to have / not to nurse Sarah

Q: Do you have any secrets, advice or moments you want to share with my readers about Motherhood?
A: Take it all in stride. The more serious about the little things you are, the worse off you’ll be.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Art of Motherhood!

Mothers inspire us in so many ways, even when if comes to our creative minds. I am part of an online community called Polyvore. I would describe it as fashion and art colliding. To keep this blog simple today, I just want to share with you some of the art that was made on Polyvore to celebrate Mothers. It really is a beauteous thing. I think some of these pieces are wall hanging worthy! Be encouraged today to make your own piece of art today for a special Mom you know, even if that art is just a hand written note!

Credit: LuxeCouture♥

Credit: º°ಌ)d♥ℓℓ(ಌº°

Credit: mythical.believes

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Daily Dash of My World

I will be the first person to tell you that my kids can drive me totally insane. Mostly in the afternoon hours when everyone is tired, cranky, and everyone needs Mommy's attention. Carter needs to get settled into homework time, Cooper gets laid down for a nap, everyone wants snack, and the neighborhood kiddos keep ringing the doorbell (while Cooper is trying to nap of course). I am trying to get dinner plans laid out, all the while saying many little prayers in my head! You know the prayers for patience's, wisdom, mercy, and that Wes in his boredom isn't poking holes in my sofa with a pencil AGAIN! Yes those are my typical everyday afternoons filled with the calls of Mommy coming from several directions in my house! Yes, Motherhood is not filled with glamorous moments and often times, I have some sort of goo on my shirt. Even with the chaos that is my life, I look at pieces of my life and my title of Motherhood and think Oh my gosh...I am totally 100% in love!!! I am so in love with these three little boys! How they amaze me everyday, Carter with his obsession with The Beatles(go ahead ask the kid which Beatles sings which songs or any other random Beatles fact for that matter), Wesley with his brilliant imagination, Cooper with his seemingly talent to sing before he talks. So, even though life is often not as enchanting or fairytale-like as we would like it to be. My life is real and full of big time LOVE!!!!

These guys call me Mommy: Cooper Monroe, Ethan "Carter", Wesley Dean

Picture Credit: Kelli Trontell

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Advanced Training

As moms, we have so many decisions to make. Some humdinger ones, some are just itsy-bitsy, but all of them effect our families in some way. When we give birth to our first little bundle of joy we have had no advance training on how to be good moms, or how to make all the right choices. Sure most of us have read books, taken in a few parenting classes, and been given enough advice to last us a life time, but lets be real there is no instruction manual, no amount of classes or literature to truly prepare you for the job of being a mother. Most of us moms just learn to do the best we can with the least amount of guilt as possible, and the most amout of love our hearts can produce. One of the biggest decisions that looms over almost every expecting new mom and their families is should mom stay at home or continue on in the work force. For my beautiful friend Mrs. Billie Sue Wilson staying on the career path and putting use to her degree was the right move for her and her family. Billie Sue is mother of two incredible handsome little boys Tommy and Charlie, and she works as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. I have known Billie Sue since our grade school days. She has always been a beautiful, intelligent, outstanding young lady. Did I mention she has always had and has perfect hair...hehehe I had to throw that in there! Anyways she was the kinda of girl who always stood up for what was right. She just has this relentless compassion in her heart for people. Without a doubt Billie Sue has always been beautiful inside, and out, but Motherhood and family life has unmistakably made this woman shine with a radiant beauty!!! Her answers to my interview questions just made my heart fill up with admiration and love. I hope you enjoy the insight this lovely career Mommy had to share with us as much as I did!

Interview with a Career Mommy

Question: What made you decide to be a working mother?
Answer: I decided to be a working mother long before the kids came. I became pregnant during my 2nd year of college with my first son, then my second son came before I even graduated. So I was already determined to get my degree before I became a mother, and the realization that kids were now part of the equation didn't slow me down. I wanted to have a career, because as much as I am defined by my children, I'm also a bit defined by my career as well, and how I manage being true to my responsibilities as a mother, wife, and professional.

Question: Do you think Mother's compare themselves to other moms to often?
Answer: I certainly think mothers play the comparison game too often...but that's life, and we, as human beings, compare ourselves to what we consider "the standard", whether it's the standard wife, mother, friend, whatever. I think that's how we measure ourselves and even though it becomes frustrating sometimes, I think it's healthy's how we set our goals for ourselves.

Question: What your secret to balancing work, children, and you time?
Answer: The secret to balancing work, kids, and "me" time...well, there's not one, or at least I haven't found it yet. I think it is "one day at a time", and sometimes, we have to say "it's ok to be selfish" and make time for ourselves. We're better mommies when we're aware of who we are, and what our mental and emotional state of mind is...and if those things aren't healthy and in check, then we're only going to cause the ones we love the most to suffer along with yes, I shop alone sometimes, I get massages, pedicures, and I have no guilt about it!!

Question: Do you run a tight ship when it comes to housework, and schedules?
Answer: My house is not the cleanest, most orderly house in the neighborhood, but I do believe that everyone functions better when things are in order...I'm not a huge fan of schedules, I think that adds to the pressure, but our house does have a routine. It can be broken, and it remains flexible.

Question: What was your own Mother like growing up?
Answer: My mother worked very hard in a factory most of my childhood. She was a complete neat-freak and we spent Saturdays cleaning the entire house (windows, base boards, you name it..). She was very loving, but also very busy. Though I love and appreciate her and the sacrifices she made, my experience as her child taught me to slow down, and let my children see me relax and take things in stride.

Question: What is the best advice you have ever received?
Answer: The best advice I ever received came from my 5 year old...he saw me crying one evening because I felt so guilty that I didn't spend the day with my kids right before I was headed to a week's long meeting, but instead spent the day packing, running errands and preparing reports for work...he said to me, "Mommy, it's ok to be sad, we all get sad sometimes. And no matter what you're sad about, I'll always love you." So this taught me that no matter how imperfect I am as a mother, they love me unconditionally, and they feel this for me because I've given that same love to them. And when we have that love, and that open expectation that family is all that matters, we are truly safe and capable of the happiness that we all desire.

Question: Do you have contentment in the life path you have choose for you and your family?
Answer: I am content, but open to change. I want my kids to know that part of being a productive, successful, happy adult is being able to adapt to what life throws your way. So even though I'm happy, I'm not opposed to going with the flow. We don't know God's plan...we only know our own, and oftentimes, those two plans aren't quite the same.

Question: What are your largest struggles as a working mom?
Answer: The biggest struggles I face are the ones I create in my mind. I miss my kids when I have to travel, I miss their faces, their little voices. I miss the conversations before I tuck them in at night. But these are the sacrifices we have decided to take on in order to provide them the kind of life I hope to give them.

Question: What is the best thing to your opinion about being a Mother?
Answer: As a woman, I think it's easy to find ourselves eager to please everyone we meet, every person in our lives. We want to be beautiful, inside and out. We want to be successful, liked by everyone, loved by those who we love. And so many times, we feel like we give, give, give, but rarely receive at the same level...but as a mommy, we feel that love...that overflowing love that is pure and innocent and ours because they mean it, not because they're trying to reciprocate. It's honest, and untainted, and without limitations or rules. It's God's's the closest we'll ever get to how He must feel for us.

Question: Do you have any advice to give new mothers struggling with the decision to work or stay home?
Answer: My advice to mothers who are trying to make the work/stay home decision...listen to no one but yourself. Only you can determine what's best for your family. The decision will not be easy, and you shouldn't expect it to be...and it needs to be a big picture decision...think about what your family's goals are, and determine what sacrifices are worth meeting those goals. There's no shame in working out of the home, and there's no shame in working at home. But balance is possible...challenging but possible.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breaking The Mother-in-Law Stereotype

Feature Mom number two of today's blog is my ever so delightful Mother-in-Law Mrs Lounetta Garrett. If anyone has met this amazing woman you know what a servant to others she is. She is probably the most selfless person I know. So many people would be up a creek with out a paddle without this woman. She is a none stop always going always doing, and it's always about the needs of others. Her heart is tremendous, and filled with such a huge love for her family, and loved ones. How lucky and blessed am I to have gotten this woman as my second mom. Now I am so blessed with two of the most amazing women on earth to love me. Life just don't get much better when having such beautiful woman around you to guided and love you. Lounetta has raised two spectacular, talent, sweet, outstanding young men. When I married her oldest Stephen I don't think I fully understood the magnitude of what i was receiving. Not only did I get get a soul mate out to the deal, but I also got beautiful family that just blended together with my own family. Making one giant loving family. I am just so blessed that Mrs. Lounetta Garrett or Granny Lou as known to us is a part of that family. She is beautiful, talented, selfless, strong, and loving, and I am so honored to be her daughter in law. I hope you enjoy what she shares about motherhood, and being Granny Lou to my three rugrats! We love you Granny Lou!

A Interview with My Mother-In-Law

Q: What was the most surprising thing to you about Motherhood?
A: How much love I have for my boys. Even after they are grown men I still find myself wanting to protect them from harm and pain.

Q: Did your children turn out how you expected them to?
A: So much more than I could ever hoped or dreamed for them. Sometimes I look at them and can't believe they are mine. God blessed me with two of the finest boys ever known.

Q: What do you admire your boys most for?
A: OOOOOHHHH where do I start??? They have so many to choose from but one would have to be their HEARTS. They both always have shown love and kindness to all they meet.

Q: What would be your biggest piece of advice for us mothers in the middle of raising our kids?
A: This is so easy .... I know it is very hard with all the craziness going on now but Stop and Enjoy & Cherish every moment (Even the bad) with them because time passes so fast. I remember sometimes I couldn't wait till the day that the craziness would stop. Now I look back at pictures and see these little boys and remember the great times with them. I wonder where are these little boys now. Where did they go??? Then I am very sad because they are gone forever.

Q: What is your Perfect Mother's Day Like?
A: For me this is when all my boys are home together just messing around playing games, eating, watching our little ones "big shows" and laughing at our funny stories.

Q: Who do you go to for advice on life?
A: It has to be my wonderful Mom. I have the greatest Mom in the world.

Q: What is the best and worst thing about motherhood?
A: The best is wellness, smiles, hugs and kisses. The worst is sickness.

Q: What is one of your most treasured memories?
A: That is hard...So many good ones....Seeing our boys for the first time and being at the birth of our three grandsons has to be the greatest.....but as a family one Christmas we surprised the boys one morning got them up early...told them we were going on a long trip to a special event. They had no idea where we were going. We would give them presents to open as clues.... It was some much fun. We went to see the Colts play a game and stayed all night in a hotel. It was so much fun......But we have had some many great ones with our boys at church, school, music, and talent events. Our boys has given us so much. We are Blessed!!!!

Q: What is like to be known as Granny Lou to your 3 grand boys?
A: I really didn't think I would live long enough to be Granny Lou but God has blessed me with 3 of the most perfect little boys. All different and wonderful in their own way. I don't have the words to explain what love I have for them. They are GRAND!!!!!!

Q: Would you change anything about the way you parented your own boys?
A: There are so many things I could have done better but thanks to God, he took my not so perfect parenting and my Love for my boys and formed two great sons. I am sooooooo proud of my sons.

I Call Her Mommy

Feature mom number one today is the woman who raised me with her own sweat, blood, tears, and cheers. First I would like to wish her a very special Mother's Day. I am so honored and blessed that the Lord choose you for my Mommy =)!!! My dear beautiful Mother choose the stay at home path of motherhood. So she spent twenty four seven with my brother and I most days, and lived to tell about it. She guided us along our path to what I call semi-adulthood. I figured we still have much to learn before being able to take on the title of adults offically. Our mother poured out a continuing selfless love, that she is still faithly exhibiting. She has attended every ballgame, school function, and continues to show the same support to her grand babies even though they are a two hour drive away. When I was five she use to reminded me to be nice and share with my brother, when I was ten she would remind me not to fight with my brother, as a teenager she would remind me to wash my face, drive safe, and not forget to give my brother a ride. Now I am grown ans she likes to remind me to not be to hard on my three boys ,they are only little once she says. Over the years my mother has become my dearest friend, a intense listener, and a back bone in helping me keeping my own sanity while raising my own children. She has persistently loved me even when I wasn't exactly lovable. She has never once stopped believing in us kids. To me she is the World's Greatest Mom. She is mine, and I am a part her, and she had a grand part in sculpting me into the woman I have become. Oh and don't fret she is still guiding me on many areas of my life like parenting and house keeping. She is an amazing not so much, but she is teaching me to be better at it just by example. I bet she doesn't even realize it. She is so beautiful, and just a golden light in my heart. LOVE YOU MOM!!! Oh and I am so so so sorry for all the mean, sneaky things I ever did in my childhood!! I hope you all enjoy my lovely Mother's answers to her interview questions. She talks about all the transition that has take place during her own motherhood adventure.

Interview with My Mommy....

Q: What the best thing about being a Mom?
A: The best thing is that you get to see everything though their eyes and experience it right along with them....first smile...first words...first snow ....first everything ....and you get to appreciate it more this time....

Q: What the hardest thing about being a Mom?
A: The hardest.....letting go........letting them make their own mistakes.....

Q: What is one of your all time favorite memories?
A: Oh I have way to many ....Taking naps ..with one on each side of me singing ,till they fell a sleep.......holidays!

Q: Did your kids turn out like you expected?
A: Yes , only better

Q: What is your least favorite household chore?
A: Dishes

Q: What has been the most suprising aspected of Motherhood?
A: Well ,time flies seems like only yesterday that I brought home my little babies.....

Q: Do you feel different now that your kids are semi-grown ups?
A: They are grown and I am very proud of them.....I have more freedom but I still miss the sound of children in the house

Q: What is it like to be called Nana by four grandchildren?
A: Nana is the get to play and spoil and brag about your grandkids and then when you are tired I can send them back to their really is great...

Q: Would you do everything the same way if you had a Motherhood do over?
A: Maybe I would not be so stressed out,but I wouldn't change much....

Q: What is Mother's Day suppose to be like in your eyes?
A: Well my dream mothers day is to have all my chicks home....I know that isn't always possible....just knowing that they are happy and healthy and have a good family life.....thats all any mother wants.......I have great kids ......they really have not given us any grief.....just so so much joy.....a true gift from God.....and I thank him dailey for them both....and their wonderful families.....we truly are lucky!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

20 Little Toes (Life with Twins)

Not only is our next beautiful Mother of today's blog a rookie at this motherhood stuff, but she gave birth to twins this past June. Mrs Abby Copeland is proud Mother to fraternal twins Layne and Layla. I am telling you I have three children of my own, but raising two the same age, at the same time is just a foreign concept. Abby on the other hand is totally amazing. I watch her breeze around the room meeting their every tiny little need. Oh and to watch her balance both of them in her arms at the same time that my friends is talent. She is just natural, and she does it all with grace and a special motherhood beauty. She smiles and laughs with each of them, cooing and awing just to get them to smile back. I believe God knew just what He was doing when he gave this young woman twins. He knew she had so much love in her heart to give away to those adorable two babies. Abby is just the sweetest little mommy, with just the most precious little family. Readers hope you enjoy reading what this mom of twins had to say about her life with multiples, and adjusting to a whole new world.

Interview with Mom of Twins

Q: Did you ever in a million years think you would be a Mom of Twins?

Q: How have the twins changed your life?
A: Making me appreciate the small things in life

Q: What do you find most amazing about your twins?
A: Their smile

Q: Now that they are almost a year old how have you adjusted to raising to babies this past year?
A: Being more organized and still adjusting lol

Q: What is your can't live without baby item at the moment?
A: The octagon (This is an totally awesome play pen made by Abby's husband Josh)

Q: Are your twins a lot alike or are the night and day?
A: Night and day

Q: What is one of your favorite memories so far?
A: Them saying their first word da da and watching them crawl

Q: How do you manage time for yourself?
A: I don't lol

Q: What has been the worst advice you have recieved?
A: Don't use the swaddle

Q: What advice do you have for other mothers who have multiples?
A: Appreciate all help..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rookie joins the Motherhood Force

Continuing my May project of Operation Celebrate Mothers. I would like to introduce you my fabulous readers to Mrs. April Baird. You may remember her from her appearance last year here on Inside My Head interview with a teacher. April has been a life long dear friend of mine, and January 22, 2010 she joined the ranks of motherhood. She gave birth to Owen a precious baby boy weighing in at 7lbs 13.4oz. Oh and did I mention she did the delivery all natural. I am so proud of her. It was something she really wanted to achieve. Now days April is still adjusting to everyday family life with her new center of the world little Owen. Her husband darling husband Evan right by her side for support and love, and their loyal and giant dog Annabelle tagging not far behind to offer up her support in puppy kisses. April was sweet enough to take the time to answer my questions, and give us a little insight on what it is like to be a rookie momma. Folks I think she may just earn the Rookie of the year. Well I think the fact that Owen just oozes 100% adorableness may just get her some extra points =)

Interview With The Rookie

Q: How has the new arrival effected or change life for you?
A: Well, now I need a babysitter for when I run or go cycling and that proves a hard task sometimes. Oh, and the focus of my world now drools, coos, and poops and pees on himself. (not talking about Evan...ha ha haha!)

Q: How did the adjusting to less sleep go?
A: It's going pretty good. He's a morning baby (whether it be 2 am or 8 am) and smiles and coos at me when I go get him so it doesn't bother me to get up with him. If fact, E tells me all the time he'll get up with him but I beat him to it :)

Q: Who have you gone to the most for advice?
A: My dear mama.

Q: What is the worst advice you have received on motherhood?
A: Hmmm...haven't gotten any bad advice yet...

Q: What is your I can't live without baby item or items?
A: Nasal aspirator. :)

Q: Has your relationship with your husband changed at all since baby came along?
A: We've grown stronger and are even more happy even though we didn't think it was possible. I look at him differently now (in a good way). He's so wonderful, caring, and fantastic. We've been together for 9 years and he amazes me still to this day with his compassion and love.

Q: Share one of your favorite memories of motherhood so far?
A: I had to think about this question for awhile. I'm going to have to go with natural childbirth. It was the most wonderful experience and I'd do it all over again. It didn't hurt like everyone said it would...if fact it felt good and was such a bonding experience. His cry was strong and I felt fantastic.

Q: What is one important thing you know you want to teach your child?
A: Versatility. It has served me well in life and career. Just because no one else has done it doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't. Try everything (except drugs) and don't be afraid to step outside the norm. Set yourself apart. You'll be surprised at what you can do and the things you'll achieve.

Q: Are you reading any parenting material to help with adjusting?
A: The usual..."What to Expect the First Year" and "Baby 911".

Q: What is some advice you would like to share with all those rookie mommies out there?
A: Well, if you're expecting, consider delivering naturally. Don't let everyone freak you out. It's not bad like everyone tells you and definitely not like on TV. I never cussed Evan, scratched him, or threatened to kill him :) There wasn't a million people running around like mad and it wasn't chaos. Also, ignore what people tell you if it's negative. Everyone thinks they're an expert. :)

Side note: All Pictures by Brooke Kelly Photography

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Mommy and Me

In celebration of the upcoming Mother's Day I thought I would do a few interviews with some beautiful Mothers. Mothers from all over the board from the stay-at-home, career mom, single mom, adopted mom, stepmother, first time Mom, and the grandmother who is mom. Mothers come in all different forms, with one very special common interest their children. While I may not be able to interview or feature them all here on Inside My Head. I want all of them to know that this month we celebrate Motherhood, and all the trails, tasks, and LOVE that comes with the title of Mother! So while I hope to show off many of these special mothers the whole month of May because lets be real folks mothers deserve more than one day of the year. I am going to begin operation celebrate moms with a young lady I have known for about thirteen years. In fact she played match maker, and introduced to me the man who is now my husband. Stacey Flowers has always been and extraordinary woman. I would describe her as strong, independent, and eager to live life to the fullest. Her instinct has always been to look out for the needs of others. She watched out for her friends with a hawk like vision. A trait I always admired in her so much, and one that in our younger days earned her the nick name Mother-Stacey. Now days Stacey is putting all those skills to the important task of raising her daughter Jazlyn. Stacey is providing, guiding, supporting, teaching, loving, and building a family life for this high spirited beautiful little girl as a single mom. Although Stacey has the support, and love of extended family, and loyal friends the obligation of parenting this darling little girl is on her shoulders. I have tremendous admiration for the community of single mothers like Stacey out there making it on their own. Stacey herself has truly stepped up to the plate of motherhood with grace, assurance, determination, and unconditional love. I would say that is ingredients for a home run. I hope you the readers enjoy this interview with Stacey as she shares s few things about her life with Jazlyn.

Interview with a Single Mom

Question: How much has your life changed since becoming a mom?
Answer: My priorities have become more serious. I don't go out with my friends. I work ALL the time and it never seems like it's enough. I'm always tired and always busy.

Question: Who is your greatest support?
Answer: My mother

Question: What is the worst advice or comment you have been given?
Answer: I haven't really been given any bad advice or comments.
I'm sure there were some comments made that I don't know about, but I can't really answer this question.

Question: Does having a child change the way you think about dating?
Answer: Yes, definitely. I can't just bring every man I might have a date with around my child. #1, I don't know him that well. #2, I don't want her getting attached to someone that might not be around for long.

Question: Have you ever or do you use parenting books?
Answer: I read Parent magazine from time to time, but mostly to get cooking ideas, or crafts.

Question: Share a special memory that you and your child have made together?
Answer: Oh, there are sooo many ... Registering her for school was a pretty big deal. She knew she was a big girl and she had to start acting like a big girl. It was a sign that she could be more independent.

Question: What would you say is the largest struggle of being a single mom?
Answer: Money and TIME ... there is never enough money with being only one income. Time, meaning when i get off work, I'm so tired and it's hard to find strength to spend quality time with Jazlyn. She is never tired and always wants to be out doing things.

Question: What is your greatest strengths?
Answer: I think making sure she is well taken care of is my greatest strength. Being strong for her when I'm at my weakest point is tough.

Question: What above all else do you want your child to know about life?
Answer: Life isn't easy. You learn alot while young and even more when you get older.

Question: Any advice for fellow single mothers out there?
Answer: Stay strong and LOVING. There is always someone out there willing to listen and has already been through what you are going through.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Heart of Music City (Flood of 2010)

On May 1st, and 2nd 2010 Nashville, Tn has received the most rain in two days on recorded history causing the great flood of 2010. As so many of the people Nashville and it's surrounding areas have been effected by the flood waters in some way. Building, businesses, homes, vehicles, and sadly even lives have been lost. My heart is just so heavy for the people in the center of this natural disaster. As the Cumberland River continues to rise, and much of downtown Nashville is shutting down. Still I am so encouraged with the hearts of people. It is such a beautiful sight to see neighbors helping neighbors, strangers working hand in hand, and love and concern at the center of actions. I also must take my hat off to the rescue teams, the city officials, and all the people who have worked so hard to keep the public safe. I personally think that these people have done an outstanding job keeping rescue efforts running smoothly, quickly, and without them this disaster could have claimed so many more lives. I just want to encourage people to reach out your helping hands, pull out your wallets, donate your time, pick up your neighborhood streets. If you would like to sign up to volunteer try The Hands On Nashville site or contact the Nashville RedCross. It is going to take this city sometime to get back on her feet. With such beautiful people living in this city I have no doubt she will be just as beautiful and just as strong if not stronger than before. The People are the heart of this city, and with their prayers and hard work these sad days will turn into hope gained moments that brought a city back to life. So hold on to hope, and embrace each other with love!

I would like to give credit for the video to Micheal Deppisch. You can also find this video on YouTube. It is so beautifully done and captures so much of life's moments in the past couple days of Nashville and surrounding areas.