Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 11-11-11

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. Thank you. ~Author Unknown

11-11-11!!! Veterans Day! A day to celebrate and pay tribute to the men and women who bravely and selflessly take on the burden of keeping a country's freedom intact. They sacrifice so much to insure the liberties we as Americans so easily enjoy. These men and women have demonstrated bravery and selflessness beyond measure, and they have shined hope in many of the darkest times throughout this country's history. They are legends and heroes of the past, and the present.  The future will hold even more of these brave men and women who will follow in the footsteps of past American heroes to serve this beautiful country and carry the burden.  Today I just want to say thank you to all American military veterans, past and present. Thank you for being brave warriors! Your family, your friends, and the American people are proud of you and the honor, hope, and freedom you represent! We salute you and we love you!

Here is a short little video of just a few of our brave men and women both past and present. A big thank you to all the families and friends of these men and women who allowed me to use their photographs. The music featured is Mark Schultz "Letters from War".

Monday, November 7, 2011

40 Chores in 40 Days (Day #18)

Another chore bites the dust! Day 18 here folks and I get to mark another chore off the list. Today's task at hand was cleaning off my laundry table. The table was meant to be a folding table, but is more like a "pile everything here" table when there are too few hangers downstairs or I am too hurried to fold. There was a small hill on that table. okay, I lied. It was more like the Mount Garrett of laundry, but I have climbed and defeated the challenge. You can now see the table and it can now serve its intended purpose! Mark off day 18....Thank you and I shall be here tomorrow with day 19 coming at you!

Seriously I am horrible at remembering to take the pictures folks I do apologize (again)!

Friday, November 4, 2011

40 Chores in 40 Days (Day # 17)

Another easy chore today...I love easy chore days! Today I cleaned out the snack/candy jar that sits on my kichten counter. I also gave it a little scrub down. Simple enough, especially since there wasn't much in the jar to begin with. Snacks don't hang around this house very long with three growing boys. Here is to another chore marked off the list!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

40 Chores in 40 Days (Day 16)

Day # 16 finally! Sorry for the delay my friends. Strep was what I call seriously unfun!!! It totally kicked my tail. I don't think I have ever had it as an adult it was brutal. Thank goodness my husband was on vacation to take care of our little rugrats while I got some rest. I am still not feeling 100%, and I seem to have collected a cold along the way. As if strep wasn't enough. Anyways enough with my complaining, and on to chore 16.

Okay, so day 16 was yet another cluttered kitchen cabinet. This one was full of old baby bottles, jars, Tupperware and medicines that had somehow managed to stick around the kitchen. So after tossing things away, relocating meds and finding a new home for the Tupperware the cabinet is now mostly bare with a few glass jars and candy dishes calling it home. I plan on putting all the kids' glasses, thermos', and sippy cups in this cabinet at some point in the next 40 days. I am not real sure what day cleaning the drinking glass cabinet is on the list, but I know it's there somewhere! Until we meet again tomorrow! Happy de-cluttering(not even sure that's a word, but I think it should be)!

Sorry no pictures again. I hope to return with the picture taking real soon. I was lazy today!