Monday, August 3, 2009

Excuse the Mess, I am Making Memories with My Children

As my day comes to an end, with coke poured over a glass of ice, and a bowl of dry cereal...because I don't do milk (YUCK). The dirty dishes still on the table from dinner, the dirty clothes still laying on the bathroom floor, and the toys still scatter along the hallway of the house. And the 3 little babies tucked soundly in bed, and kissed, and checked on twice! After a night full of fun, and the laughter of my children. Games on the Wii, Stories from and old Child Craft book, my mom use to read to me when I was a tiny princess. Now I pass on those poems, and short stories to my princes. All 3 fighting to make room on my lap, and me loving and juggling the 3 them and the book! What a wonderful day of making memories with my children on these final days of summer. What a peaceful night when the house is quiet, and the coke refreshing!


Leisa Hammett said...

I like what you are saying here and the two posts available above at this time, Mysticiris! I'm Leisa over at MomsLikeMe. Please come join our "Bloggers!" group!

Juanita said...

This is almost poetic, how sweet XD

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