Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Chronicles of Potty Training

So, the Garrett household has been diaper free since April, which has been reason to celebrate since the youngest Garrett was anything but willing to give up the diaper. He was so stubborn in this department and was unwilling to let go and move on to the big boy potty milestone. However, it finally happened, on his terms of course. He just decided one day to be a big boy and that was the last of the diapers. However, I kept some notes of our potty training adventures leading up to his big decision. I call them the Chronicles of Potty Training. With my other children, it took me about a week to potty train, so I always made plans to make no plans and stay home to let the potty training begin. Here are my notes for the week with my youngest…this my friends was an epic fail!

Day 1
Cooper was about 2 ½ the first time I tried to get him to use the potty. Day one was productive, but not the "he learned to use the potty in one day" kind of productive. Lets face it, that would be the stuff miracles are made of. Instead, we established that flushing the potty is fun. I see this as a warning sign if any small objects go missing. I know the likelihood of them being lodged somewhere in my plumbing is a high possibility, thanks to lessons I learned during the potty training years of my now 6 year old son. He attempted to flush everything, including the puppy!
Day 2
Today we established that the words tinkle and Mommy singing the made up potty song, is amusing to the point of laughter for the 2 year old. I think he is mocking my efforts to forever dispose of diapers in the Garrett household. Also, reminding me just how badly I hate potty training. Seriously folks, I consider potty training my children one of the great accomplishments of my adult life. I know it’s sad, but oh so true.
Day 3
Today I made a large pile of clean undies to store in the bathroom for the many, many changes I foresee in our future today. I am also praying and thanking the Lord for the wisdom he gave us to remove the carpet in the house, and replace it with hardwoods. I also admit that I giggled a little when Cooper peed on my husband’s side of the bed as I was thankful it was not on me or my side of the bed. Oh, have I mentioned that at this point we have not tinkled once in the potty…yep not once, but we shall press on to day four.
Day 4
Today I broke my own rule of staying home for a week to potty train. We went to the zoo with some friends for a play-date. I feel like such a rebel =)
Day 5
Not much has changed. Still not one single use of the potty has occurred, and he still laughs and looks at me like I am crazy person when I sing the potty song. However to show for our training efforts today a soggy, gross pile of underoos and a half empty bottle of Lysol. This is not one of the benefits of motherhood.
Day 6
Okay not one time has the kid used the potty. I am frustrated, and he officially screams when I mention the word POTTY…I quit will resume in month or two!
Like I mentioned above it did finally happen in April a couple months after I had tried the week at home devotion to Potty Training which worked on my other two children. With Cooper, it was all about his own terms and we haven’t had an accident in months, not even at night time! This is me doing the happy dance that we are finally diaper free household!!!!
Okay all you parents, got any tips about how to potty train toddlers with limited frustrations for parents out there stuck in the potty training phase?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ING Kids Rock Marathon

The Cole Team
Back on April 29th my oldest son Carter participated in the ING Kids Rock Marathon in Nashville, TN. I know April 29th was several months ago, I am running a little behind when it comes to my blog. Summer has turned out to be a little busier than I had expected. Anyway, back to the subject of the marathon.

The marathon was formerly known as the YMCA Country Music Marathon and this year it was sporting a new sponsor and new name. This year the ING Kids Rock Marathon celebrated 10 years with 4,700 participants ranging from Kindergarteners to seventh graders. The goal of the Marathon is to introduce kids to physical fitness and its importance, while helping children achieve team goals to stay fit and healthy with the motto “ING run for something better”.

The race itself is a modified marathon meaning that each student completes 25.2 miles prior to the final mile. Most children taking part in the race train in a group or in their physical education class at their respective schools. Completing a few miles at a time prepares them to run their final mile alongside other Nashville students in a Marathon style setup around LP field (home of the Titans).

Besides providing the opportunity to explore the world of running and fitness for children of all ages, the marathon awards grants to school programs pouring back into the schools and their health education programs.

Next year's Marathon registration will open in Late September-Early October. It really is something great to be apart of.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5 Tips To-Do Before Vacation

5 Friendly Tips To-Do Before Leaving For Vacation

1. Ask a neighbor or family friend to keep an eye on things while your away. Give them telephone numbers on how to reach you.

2. Have the post office put a hold on your mail until you return

3. If at all possible leave a Vehicle in your driveway and a lamp on inside your home. It is wise to put the lamp on a timer so it comes on and goes off at certain times.

4. Turn down your AC and shut off your water.

5. Don’t mention on Social Networking sites you are going on vacation and wait until you return to post pictures and comments about your trip.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crossroads Music

Photograph By Moments To Memories

Cookeville Tennesse seems to be coming to life these days with music. A subject that is of course always close to my heart, I get excited when I hear about new studios and music stores that are settling down in smaller towns around Tennessee. I recently heard about Crossroads Music, a music store that opened back in September in Cookeville. I attended high school with one of the co-owners and his wife, and I couldn’t be happier for them as they make music more accessible to Cookeville and the communities surrounding them. Crossroads Music is owned and opertated by Travis Copeland and Greg Taylor. The store offers local musicians the option of not having to drive a hundred miles for quality music gear or the not having to take part in the risky business of shopping online and having to buy an instrument or gear before you play it. Along with quality gear, Crossroads Music also offers an array of music lessons with affordable rates. I recently had a chance to interview co-owner and musician Travis Copeland and talk a little more about the store, music lessons, and the importance of music in the lives of our children.

Crossroad Music Youngest Fan Aiden Copeland (Photograph By: Moments To Memories)

Interview with Crossroads Music Co-Owner Travis Copeland

Question: When did the idea of a music store pop up?
Answer: I was a manager at another local music store for 4 years. I was also teaching 40 guitar students a week there as well. When the partners split I was offered a chance to be a partner in the new venture. I would be doing the same thing just a Owner/Operator.

Question: When did you realize that opening a music store could be a reality?
Answer: It was in August of 2010. That's when Greg Taylor (my business partner) proposed that we open a store back in Cookeville.

Question: Why did you choose the location of Cookeville?
Answer: Cookeville is just about in the middle of Nashville and Knoxville. If you want to get quality gear you are going to have to drive an hour and a half either way.
I did not like to do that. I try not to order instruments online either. I have had terrible experience in the past doing so. It was always better to try before you buy, for me anyway. Cookeville is a very fast growing city. With an ever growing music scene. Music store's have worked here in the past but the higher price of local stores with a sinking economy keep customers looking for a better price. That's is where we come in. Internet Pricing at a local store.

Question: How does it feel to be running a family operated business of your very own?
Answer: Its is a wonderful feeling. I feel grateful everyday for a chance to help out my fellow musicians get the things they need at a fair price.

Question: Where did the name Crossroads Music come from?
Answer: My partner Greg is a big Eric Clapton fan. He came up with it. I thought it was kinda fitting so we kept it.

Question: How important would you say music is to your family?
Answer: Music has always been a huge part of my life. My father was the song leader out our church for many years. Growing up my Mom and Dad bought me a guitar at 14 and feel in love with it. I started playing in church shortly after that. I have always loved different styles of music.

Question: Can you tell us a little about the music lessons offered at your shop?
Answer: Our lessons start at 15 dollars for a 30 min session with some of the best local and national talent. We offer guitar, piano, dobro, banjo , mandolin, violin (or fiddle), woodwinds, harmonica, and soon drums! In every major style and genre. We pride ourselves on being very professional instructors, but we also have a lot of fun.

Question: What can customers expect when they visit Crossroads Music?
Answer: Hopefully, our customers will feel right at home. Our very knowledgeable staff are always ready to help in any way. Anything from answering questions about string changing to how to set up complex P.A. System. They are no dumb questions. We also have private sound proof studios so you can check out a nice acoustic instrument or vintage amp without interruption. We have a very unassuming way of doing things at Crossroads Music. I don't like to be bothered myself when i am shopping, but if i have question or need something i like to know some one is around to assist me. We want people to feel comfortable when they are here. Not like "How can I help you? This costs 499.99." We know most of or customers on a first name basis.

Question: As music lovers what is your opinion about music education in the public school systems?
Answer: It is just as important as math, reading, or science. It has been proven in studies that children who play an instrument will naturally do better in other core subjects in school. No sport that i am aware of does that in all three categories. For those who read music get so much information from one note. Not even our alphabet does that. One single music note tells how to play that note, when to play that note, for how long, where that note is, and what it's name is. It is an international language as well. We may not be able to speak to one another, but those who read music can play the same thing. It teaches discipline, sacrifice, and social skills. Look at a school band. Individual instruments be it a guitar, clarinet, flute, drums, whatever, alone sound wonderful. When you include all of those together you get a group of individuals dependent on one another to preform as a whole.

Crossroads Music is located

549 East Spring St. Cookeville, TN 38501. 1.2 miles from Highway 111.

Also follow them on facebook by clicking Crossroads Music Facebook for a direct link.

*This article is also found in the online publication Cookevilletimes.com