Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Simple Thank You

Today I just wanted to write a quick little thank you to all those people in my life who have thought of my son and my family pretty much the past four years since the birth of my middle son Wesley. Today he had his cast removed from his 3rd surgery, and we will not know the full results until he is back on his feet. But today I want to thank you for the phone calls, the text messages, the cards (even from people I don't know), the cookies that where baked, the tears that where cried with me, the prayers that where said, the hope that was given, the love that my strength,the gifts that where given, the help that was recieved. I will never be able to truely show my gratitude for what all you have done for us. I know this simple small thank you is not enough, but truely from the my heart to yours I love you all, and I am so very thankful..Your kindness does not go unnoticed!!!