Wednesday, October 16, 2013

41 Things I want My Kids To Know About Me...

What I want My Kids to Know About Me...
Simply Me....Simply Mom
41 Things I want My Kids to know about me some good, some fun, some not so good. It is simply a list of things I someday want to communicate to them.  I want them to know about the things I love, and most important that I love them and their Dad. I want them to know that I have fears, and that I mess up. I want them to know that before I was Mommy I was simply me.  I want them to know……

1.       I truly love Jesus as my Redeemer, my Peace, my King!

2.       I love you munchkins with every molecule of my being!

3.       I am a creature of habit. I don’t do change well.

4.       After all these years I am still completely in love with your Dad.

5.       My greatest successes are the 4 of you.

6.       God’s plans for me have often been different than my own plans.

7.       I am not a morning person!

8.       I pray for you every day.

9.       I will fight with all my might for this family.

10.   I like flowers and books more than diamonds.

11.   I wasn’t made for winter.

12.   I want you in church more so than that I want you to have relationship with God!

13.   I value kindness in a person.

14.   I hate talking on the phone.

15.   I am a country girl that lives in the city.

16.   My room has never really been clean.

17.   Being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done.

18.   I am not your friend.

19.   I am not a perfectionist more like the opposite.

20.   I can bait my own fish hook.

21.   I am dyslexic and learning was always hard for me.

22.   I have a love hate relationship with sleep.

23.   I don’t do scary movies.

24.   I was afraid of the dark until I was a teenager.

25.   I always wanted to be a Mom so you guys made my dreams come true!

26.   I wanted to write children’s books.

27.   I don’t mean to shout, and I am never proud when I do. I am a work in progress.

28.   I really do believe that one person can make a difference.

29.   I am not good at following a schedule which is a blessing and a curse.

30.   I am romantic and a big old softie!

31.   I like to be creative.

32.   I love a good costume party.

33.   I love what a big part music plays in our lives.

34.   I do not love the zoo.

35.   Flea markets and Yard Sales are two of my favorite things.

36.   My favorite fruit is blackberries.

37.   Driving is not my favorite thing.

38.   I think I like Disney world more than you!

39.   My childhood was a happy one.

40.   I make mistakes, and I will make more along the way, but my love for you is the real thing.

41.   I don’t want you to have a self righteous self of entitlement. In other words don’t be a spoiled brat. Be kind, love big, and be at peace with who God is shaping you to be.
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benjaminnleslie said...

aww, I loved this and I loved learning some things about you! :)

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