Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something about about New Orleans

Nashville my home. A city that thrives on dreams, and music is away of life. The people of Nashville are a melting pot of culture, and if you look hard enough there is always something to do. Yes Nashville is my beloved home. However there is another city that has captured part of my heart. A city where the streets are shaded with old oak trees. I know a funny thing to remember about a city, but these oaks just look as if they hold the secrets to this marvelous city's rich past. As you walk the streets and admire the grace, and humble beauty of the buildings and homes, and listen to the rumble of the charming streetcars making their rounds. Which they have been doing for over 150 years. I find that impressive myself. Yes this city is rich with character from the French Quarter to the hidden treasures on almost every street. As for the people they are not much different from the city herself full of character, class, pride, overcoming, and beauty, but honestly in a city like New Orleans I didn't expected the people to be any less than beautiful. These folks make hope a way of life, and they are truly what I love most about this city. The New Orleanians definitely don't hide behind mask. So this city that has stolen a piece of me away from my home city of Nashvegas. This rising above the odds New Orleans. A city where art lines the streets, music fills the humid air, and a bad meal is just not easy to come by. This beautiful vintage city with a charm and romance like no other city in America. There is just something about New Orleans!!!


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