Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Because I said so.....

All my life for as long as I could remember, I always knew I wanted to have darling little children running around my house. I had big plans and high hopes. I was going to be the totally cool and fashionable mom! I was never going to lounge in sweats that where 10 years old, or tell my children the famous "Because I am Mom and I said so"....this statement made me cringe when my own Mother said it to me during my childhood. I was always going to have a better reason than that. I was always going to be kind, understanding, and fun! You know afternoons at the park, days of sing with fake mics, building tents in the living room floor, and never raising my voice to yell at them. In other words I as going to be so much fun my kids would never have time to be angry with me. THE PERFECT MOM!!! So are you all laughing at me yet?
So........after becoming the mother of 3 darling little Children(only when they sleep)....Carter age 7, and Wesley age 4, and Cooper 18 months. I will admit we do have adventures on a daily basis they just don't run as smoothly as they did in dreams. My middle child and biggest handful..I swear something takes over in my children when they turn 2...His adventures including pretending daily he is Picasso, flushing anything and everything down the toilet including an attempt on the puppy a couple years ago, he best skill is training for the major leagues as for throwing stuff out the front at one point included the child proof knob that I put on the bathroom door! He also has peed on a Aqua-doodle to see it that would change it blue like the water,empties his closet to find just the right shirt like Dad's(usually after I have just done the laundry). Wesley is my free spirit,and one of the happiest most sincere children you will meet. I am learning to embrace his creative side! As for Carter my oldest whom is actually an actor with great skills...he can laugh and cry in and change from one to another in a matter of seconds, and I think he gets Diva status for always wanting things his way! He is smart,helpful,and thinks he is 20 years old. Cooper my youngest, with a personality that is blooming at full force is a climber, mockingbird,and rough and tough all around little boy! between him and my middle son it should be a race to who gives me my first gray hair! Oh as for the because I said's a staple statement under my roof!!!! As for the comfort of sweats...I live in them, and the older they are the better, actually makes me feel good to fit into something that I wore 10 years ago...who cares if the elastic no longer returns to it's shape after being stretched! All in all my house is chaos..and I am far far far from being the perfect at anything! My laundry piles to the ceiling, I am over run by toys, and will be forever be the lone female under my roof... which in my book gives me the right to never grow up as well (Because we all know men never do).
So most folks probably think I have lost my mind, having 3 young children all boys! Which could very well be the case or that I was just a little nuts from the start you can decide!!! Truth be known I would probably have 10 more little boys, okay so maybe not 10, but all in all I am truly happy with my boys. The way I look at it is my life would be boring with out my children. Yes they drive me crazy, and yes I sometimes miss the relaxing nights, or the late night movies or the going as I please when I pleased! But looking at it all in one big picture, I am happy. Happy for all the sweet moments my children give me they are truly my greatest accomplishment! I may never be rich, I may never have a college degree, and I may never see the seven wonders of the world, but I will always be Mom to my boys! Not only that but we have given them a truly remarkable gift ...Each other!!! I actually see that in the end all the sacrifices and all the chaos it truly is well worth the love we all benefit from having each other! So like I say....Motherhood the greatest job you will ever love that makes you want to pull your hair out! I use to think my job was to help them survive these magical, wonderful, once in a lifetime thing called childhood, but you know...I think it's me who needs the survival manual 101 Ways To Endure Mothering 3 Boys!

Much love and Happiness to all
-The Most Imperfect Mother


Anonymous said...

Jaime...I love you! I told Ruth just yesterday at the sale that sometimes when i have a bad day I just read what you have posted and if i post that I am having a bad are the first to cheer me up! THANKS!! : ) You are the best! I had an AWFUL day yesterday..just wanted to pull my hair out!! And I read this and just makes me remember why I am a Mommy! I am blessed and even if my laundry is not done and if my house is a mess..WHO CARES!!!! Thanks for all the great things you post! You have always been there for me! Jen Shaw

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