Monday, May 17, 2010

Suprise Trip to Neverland

We took our two oldest children, Carter and Wesley, to see a small production of Peter Pan over the weekend. The theater was Belcourt located in Hillsboro village, a very charming little section of Nashville. The play was put on by Olde Worlde Theatre Company, who's motto is "progressively mixing the old with the new". I must say, I loved the feel and atmosphere of the old theater as soon as I took my seat. After much hype and plenty of guessing through out the week, I think my children were pleased with the outcome of their surprise outing as well. It was the first theater experience for my middle son Wesley, who has actually been glued to an old Broadway production of Peter Pan on our Netflix instant watch this past month. He was bouncing with excitement, so was I secretly. I love the theater. The play itself was by no means a Broadway production, but it's price fit nicely into the families budget. It was entertaining enough for the whole family to enjoy, about the equivalent to a high school play. The costumes where colorful, the actors were energetic and well spirited. After it was all over and every morsel of our large popcorn was devoured, we went out to the lobby where we found the actors mingling with the audience. I thought that was a lovely treat, although my children didn't want to get to close... The crocodile might bite you know. After all, it did bite off Captain Hooks hand! Later, I think my middle son was sorry he didn't meet Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Wesley decided that very day he was going to be Captain for Halloween, never mind that it is 5 months away. In typical Wes style, we had to dig up pirate attire for him to play in by days end, complete with a tin foil hook. It truly was a pleasant Saturday Morning with my family filled with imagination, faith, trust, and maybe even a little dash of pixie dust. The day just made me one happy Mommy!! !


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