Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Mommy and Me

In celebration of the upcoming Mother's Day I thought I would do a few interviews with some beautiful Mothers. Mothers from all over the board from the stay-at-home, career mom, single mom, adopted mom, stepmother, first time Mom, and the grandmother who is mom. Mothers come in all different forms, with one very special common interest their children. While I may not be able to interview or feature them all here on Inside My Head. I want all of them to know that this month we celebrate Motherhood, and all the trails, tasks, and LOVE that comes with the title of Mother! So while I hope to show off many of these special mothers the whole month of May because lets be real folks mothers deserve more than one day of the year. I am going to begin operation celebrate moms with a young lady I have known for about thirteen years. In fact she played match maker, and introduced to me the man who is now my husband. Stacey Flowers has always been and extraordinary woman. I would describe her as strong, independent, and eager to live life to the fullest. Her instinct has always been to look out for the needs of others. She watched out for her friends with a hawk like vision. A trait I always admired in her so much, and one that in our younger days earned her the nick name Mother-Stacey. Now days Stacey is putting all those skills to the important task of raising her daughter Jazlyn. Stacey is providing, guiding, supporting, teaching, loving, and building a family life for this high spirited beautiful little girl as a single mom. Although Stacey has the support, and love of extended family, and loyal friends the obligation of parenting this darling little girl is on her shoulders. I have tremendous admiration for the community of single mothers like Stacey out there making it on their own. Stacey herself has truly stepped up to the plate of motherhood with grace, assurance, determination, and unconditional love. I would say that is ingredients for a home run. I hope you the readers enjoy this interview with Stacey as she shares s few things about her life with Jazlyn.

Interview with a Single Mom

Question: How much has your life changed since becoming a mom?
Answer: My priorities have become more serious. I don't go out with my friends. I work ALL the time and it never seems like it's enough. I'm always tired and always busy.

Question: Who is your greatest support?
Answer: My mother

Question: What is the worst advice or comment you have been given?
Answer: I haven't really been given any bad advice or comments.
I'm sure there were some comments made that I don't know about, but I can't really answer this question.

Question: Does having a child change the way you think about dating?
Answer: Yes, definitely. I can't just bring every man I might have a date with around my child. #1, I don't know him that well. #2, I don't want her getting attached to someone that might not be around for long.

Question: Have you ever or do you use parenting books?
Answer: I read Parent magazine from time to time, but mostly to get cooking ideas, or crafts.

Question: Share a special memory that you and your child have made together?
Answer: Oh, there are sooo many ... Registering her for school was a pretty big deal. She knew she was a big girl and she had to start acting like a big girl. It was a sign that she could be more independent.

Question: What would you say is the largest struggle of being a single mom?
Answer: Money and TIME ... there is never enough money with being only one income. Time, meaning when i get off work, I'm so tired and it's hard to find strength to spend quality time with Jazlyn. She is never tired and always wants to be out doing things.

Question: What is your greatest strengths?
Answer: I think making sure she is well taken care of is my greatest strength. Being strong for her when I'm at my weakest point is tough.

Question: What above all else do you want your child to know about life?
Answer: Life isn't easy. You learn alot while young and even more when you get older.

Question: Any advice for fellow single mothers out there?
Answer: Stay strong and LOVING. There is always someone out there willing to listen and has already been through what you are going through.


Stacey Flowers said...

WOW, thanks Jamie! This made me cry! I love you too girl and thanks for sharing this!

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