Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breaking The Mother-in-Law Stereotype

Feature Mom number two of today's blog is my ever so delightful Mother-in-Law Mrs Lounetta Garrett. If anyone has met this amazing woman you know what a servant to others she is. She is probably the most selfless person I know. So many people would be up a creek with out a paddle without this woman. She is a none stop always going always doing, and it's always about the needs of others. Her heart is tremendous, and filled with such a huge love for her family, and loved ones. How lucky and blessed am I to have gotten this woman as my second mom. Now I am so blessed with two of the most amazing women on earth to love me. Life just don't get much better when having such beautiful woman around you to guided and love you. Lounetta has raised two spectacular, talent, sweet, outstanding young men. When I married her oldest Stephen I don't think I fully understood the magnitude of what i was receiving. Not only did I get get a soul mate out to the deal, but I also got beautiful family that just blended together with my own family. Making one giant loving family. I am just so blessed that Mrs. Lounetta Garrett or Granny Lou as known to us is a part of that family. She is beautiful, talented, selfless, strong, and loving, and I am so honored to be her daughter in law. I hope you enjoy what she shares about motherhood, and being Granny Lou to my three rugrats! We love you Granny Lou!

A Interview with My Mother-In-Law

Q: What was the most surprising thing to you about Motherhood?
A: How much love I have for my boys. Even after they are grown men I still find myself wanting to protect them from harm and pain.

Q: Did your children turn out how you expected them to?
A: So much more than I could ever hoped or dreamed for them. Sometimes I look at them and can't believe they are mine. God blessed me with two of the finest boys ever known.

Q: What do you admire your boys most for?
A: OOOOOHHHH where do I start??? They have so many to choose from but one would have to be their HEARTS. They both always have shown love and kindness to all they meet.

Q: What would be your biggest piece of advice for us mothers in the middle of raising our kids?
A: This is so easy .... I know it is very hard with all the craziness going on now but Stop and Enjoy & Cherish every moment (Even the bad) with them because time passes so fast. I remember sometimes I couldn't wait till the day that the craziness would stop. Now I look back at pictures and see these little boys and remember the great times with them. I wonder where are these little boys now. Where did they go??? Then I am very sad because they are gone forever.

Q: What is your Perfect Mother's Day Like?
A: For me this is when all my boys are home together just messing around playing games, eating, watching our little ones "big shows" and laughing at our funny stories.

Q: Who do you go to for advice on life?
A: It has to be my wonderful Mom. I have the greatest Mom in the world.

Q: What is the best and worst thing about motherhood?
A: The best is wellness, smiles, hugs and kisses. The worst is sickness.

Q: What is one of your most treasured memories?
A: That is hard...So many good ones....Seeing our boys for the first time and being at the birth of our three grandsons has to be the greatest.....but as a family one Christmas we surprised the boys one morning got them up early...told them we were going on a long trip to a special event. They had no idea where we were going. We would give them presents to open as clues.... It was some much fun. We went to see the Colts play a game and stayed all night in a hotel. It was so much fun......But we have had some many great ones with our boys at church, school, music, and talent events. Our boys has given us so much. We are Blessed!!!!

Q: What is like to be known as Granny Lou to your 3 grand boys?
A: I really didn't think I would live long enough to be Granny Lou but God has blessed me with 3 of the most perfect little boys. All different and wonderful in their own way. I don't have the words to explain what love I have for them. They are GRAND!!!!!!

Q: Would you change anything about the way you parented your own boys?
A: There are so many things I could have done better but thanks to God, he took my not so perfect parenting and my Love for my boys and formed two great sons. I am sooooooo proud of my sons.


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