Saturday, May 8, 2010

20 Little Toes (Life with Twins)

Not only is our next beautiful Mother of today's blog a rookie at this motherhood stuff, but she gave birth to twins this past June. Mrs Abby Copeland is proud Mother to fraternal twins Layne and Layla. I am telling you I have three children of my own, but raising two the same age, at the same time is just a foreign concept. Abby on the other hand is totally amazing. I watch her breeze around the room meeting their every tiny little need. Oh and to watch her balance both of them in her arms at the same time that my friends is talent. She is just natural, and she does it all with grace and a special motherhood beauty. She smiles and laughs with each of them, cooing and awing just to get them to smile back. I believe God knew just what He was doing when he gave this young woman twins. He knew she had so much love in her heart to give away to those adorable two babies. Abby is just the sweetest little mommy, with just the most precious little family. Readers hope you enjoy reading what this mom of twins had to say about her life with multiples, and adjusting to a whole new world.

Interview with Mom of Twins

Q: Did you ever in a million years think you would be a Mom of Twins?

Q: How have the twins changed your life?
A: Making me appreciate the small things in life

Q: What do you find most amazing about your twins?
A: Their smile

Q: Now that they are almost a year old how have you adjusted to raising to babies this past year?
A: Being more organized and still adjusting lol

Q: What is your can't live without baby item at the moment?
A: The octagon (This is an totally awesome play pen made by Abby's husband Josh)

Q: Are your twins a lot alike or are the night and day?
A: Night and day

Q: What is one of your favorite memories so far?
A: Them saying their first word da da and watching them crawl

Q: How do you manage time for yourself?
A: I don't lol

Q: What has been the worst advice you have recieved?
A: Don't use the swaddle

Q: What advice do you have for other mothers who have multiples?
A: Appreciate all help..


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