Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Daily Dash of My World

I will be the first person to tell you that my kids can drive me totally insane. Mostly in the afternoon hours when everyone is tired, cranky, and everyone needs Mommy's attention. Carter needs to get settled into homework time, Cooper gets laid down for a nap, everyone wants snack, and the neighborhood kiddos keep ringing the doorbell (while Cooper is trying to nap of course). I am trying to get dinner plans laid out, all the while saying many little prayers in my head! You know the prayers for patience's, wisdom, mercy, and that Wes in his boredom isn't poking holes in my sofa with a pencil AGAIN! Yes those are my typical everyday afternoons filled with the calls of Mommy coming from several directions in my house! Yes, Motherhood is not filled with glamorous moments and often times, I have some sort of goo on my shirt. Even with the chaos that is my life, I look at pieces of my life and my title of Motherhood and think Oh my gosh...I am totally 100% in love!!! I am so in love with these three little boys! How they amaze me everyday, Carter with his obsession with The Beatles(go ahead ask the kid which Beatles sings which songs or any other random Beatles fact for that matter), Wesley with his brilliant imagination, Cooper with his seemingly talent to sing before he talks. So, even though life is often not as enchanting or fairytale-like as we would like it to be. My life is real and full of big time LOVE!!!!

These guys call me Mommy: Cooper Monroe, Ethan "Carter", Wesley Dean

Picture Credit: Kelli Trontell


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