Monday, May 3, 2010

The Heart of Music City (Flood of 2010)

On May 1st, and 2nd 2010 Nashville, Tn has received the most rain in two days on recorded history causing the great flood of 2010. As so many of the people Nashville and it's surrounding areas have been effected by the flood waters in some way. Building, businesses, homes, vehicles, and sadly even lives have been lost. My heart is just so heavy for the people in the center of this natural disaster. As the Cumberland River continues to rise, and much of downtown Nashville is shutting down. Still I am so encouraged with the hearts of people. It is such a beautiful sight to see neighbors helping neighbors, strangers working hand in hand, and love and concern at the center of actions. I also must take my hat off to the rescue teams, the city officials, and all the people who have worked so hard to keep the public safe. I personally think that these people have done an outstanding job keeping rescue efforts running smoothly, quickly, and without them this disaster could have claimed so many more lives. I just want to encourage people to reach out your helping hands, pull out your wallets, donate your time, pick up your neighborhood streets. If you would like to sign up to volunteer try The Hands On Nashville site or contact the Nashville RedCross. It is going to take this city sometime to get back on her feet. With such beautiful people living in this city I have no doubt she will be just as beautiful and just as strong if not stronger than before. The People are the heart of this city, and with their prayers and hard work these sad days will turn into hope gained moments that brought a city back to life. So hold on to hope, and embrace each other with love!

I would like to give credit for the video to Micheal Deppisch. You can also find this video on YouTube. It is so beautifully done and captures so much of life's moments in the past couple days of Nashville and surrounding areas.


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