Friday, May 14, 2010

A Whole New World

Meet Mrs. Katherine Green. Katherine and I have only recently begun to get to know each other. We met at NewSong Woodbine, the foursquare church our families attend here in Nashville. Soon after, we found ourselves in the same Lifegroup and Women's Bible Study. Katherine is the Mother of two precious little girls, with a third little princess on the way. Katherine is probably the most honest, blunt, no holds barred person I know, which I absolutely love about her. She doesn't wear a mask or pretend to be someone she is not. I know, refreshing isn't it? She is also a mighty servant to others, including her family. For example, when my son Wesley was about to have his 3rd surgery, she baked us cookies and dropped them off, knowing we’d need a snack on the way to Atlanta. This made an impression on my heart. She is, by the way, an astounding cook. In addition to all those really impressive qualities, Katherine is smart, dependable, a natural leader, and lets not forget an adoring mother. Kathy is raising her daughters as a stay at home mom, a calling she felt from the Lord. Even though she had worked very hard on her career path and earned a degree in Civil Engineering, in the end, Katherine decided to follow God's plan of putting her career on hold for a season and stepping into a whole new world of stay at home motherhood. I must say, I have a lot of admiration for her for laying down her own dreams, and chasing after God's instead. Not only is she doing it and being obedient to the Lord, she is finding contentment and love in her role. I honestly look forward to growing an even a deeper friendship with this stunning woman. I appreciate Mrs. Katherine for taking the time to answer my interview questions.I hope you enjoy taking in what she had to say about her own experience with motherhood and it's ups, downs, and in betweens.

Interview With a Stay At Home Mom

Q: What made you decided to stay at home with your children?
A: God told me to. It was an impossible task, working the 50-60 hours work week expected of me and being a good mom too.

Q: Do you feel any stress that you don't contribute to the family funds?
A: All the time

Q: How do you make sure to spend time with your children?
A: Well, I am with Ellie all day, and there’s NO ignoring her. I make sure Sarah and I have a little time each night before bed.

Q: Do you feel that because you are a stay-at-home mom that people assume you have all this extra time?
A: Definitely

Q: How do you achieve some alone time?
A: I rarely do. When I do, I leave the kids with dad and head to Ross, Target, Kohl's, or the Starbucks.

Q: Do you miss having a job/career?
A: Very much

Q: What is the largest sacrifice you think stay at home mothers make?
A: Self-identity

Q: What is your favorite thing about staying home with your children?
A: The fact that I (at least appear to be) their favorite person in the world (most of the time.)

Q: What is the best and worst advice you have ever been given?
A: That staying home with my kids was the best job to have / not to nurse Sarah

Q: Do you have any secrets, advice or moments you want to share with my readers about Motherhood?
A: Take it all in stride. The more serious about the little things you are, the worse off you’ll be.


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