Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I Miss You Mommy"

Sometimes in life there are moments that catch us a little off guard. Moments that make our heart swell up with a bursting love. Today, one of those moments happened to me. My 5 year old, now big boy kindergartener, has been begging me to come to school to eat lunch with him. I wasn't really sure why. I thought to myself, maybe he wanted to introduce me to his friends or show me what it is like for him at school. Sadly, I didn't give a whole lot of time or thought to the subject matter. Today, after dinner, the real reason came to the surface, and I felt horribly guilty for blowing him off. After dinner, he once again ask me if I could come eat lunch with him and my response was "maybe sometime next week". I shamefully didn't see what was coming next. He burst into tears, full on hardcore heartbreaking cry. I ask him why he was crying, and why was this so important to him. He responded by saying "I miss you so much"! The real reason he wanted me to come eat lunch with him was just so he could spend time with me. His little heart just couldn't keep that secret from me any longer. He missed his Mommy!!! He told me that he loves school, but at lunch time he thinks of me because we always use to eat lunch together and that makes him miss me. So of course, my eyes filled with tears, and I wrapped my arms around him to give him a great big hug. The truth is, I miss him too!!! He has no idea how very loved he made me feel today. He loves me despite all my faults and my flaws. He loves even though I yell way to much. He loves me on Tuesdays(even though we both hate that day). He loves me even when I don't have time to watch or play. He loves me simply because I am Mommy, and I love him simply because he is my sweet, big hearted Wes the Mess!!! How did I get so lucky to have three beautiful boys!!! I am oh soooooo BLESSED!!!!

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. ~Kay Knudsen


DeborahRobson said...

awww so sweet. this made me tear up a little! haha

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