Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Snippet{Family Fun Facts}

We have come to the final Sunday of Family Fun Facts series. Today's family fun facts are about yours truly and written by today's guest writer my darling husband. To be honest this took a tad of bravery on my part. =)

Photo Credit to Kelli Trontell

20 Facts about Jaime

1. She sticks her tongue out when she coughs
2. Gets hooked on old TV shows that no one's ever heard of ... Usually sci-fi
3. Self-proclaimed Geek
4. Very Underrated as a cook
5. Fights sleep more than our 2 yr old, BUT
6. Would surrender fundamental liberties in order to sleep late
7. Loves Christmas
8. Hates Winter
9. Loves Reading
10. Hates Football
11. Loves Horses
12. Hates Driving on the Interstate
13. She is a brilliant writer
14. Is an incredible mother to our children
15. Dream Vehicle: Yellow Volkswagen
16. Teaches me more than she will ever know
17. Loves family in ways words can't explain
18. Favorite Flower: Yellow Roses
19. Double clicks on web links
20. Made perfectly for me


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What a beautiful post! Thanks for stopping by my blog, otherwise I would of never found yours. Very lovely! =)

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