Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Snippet{Family Fun Facts Series}

Rest in Peace Sweet Starr Baby
November 2007 - January 2011

20 Fun Facts about our family Pet, Starr

1. She was a Christmas gift
2. She was named after the star of Bethlehem
3. She has a patch of fur in the perfect shape of the letter P
4. She hardly ever barks
5. She loves table scraps
6. She was born in November
7. She is shy toward strangers
8. She loves attention of children
9. She peed on Nana's Christmas tree skirt, I think Nana still holds a grudge =)
10. She has survived an attempted flush down the toilet
11. She is a pacifier thief
12. She hates the water hose
13. She is hyper
14. She has been very ill once
15. She is a pure breed Beagle
16. She never got very big. She is very petite
17. She is very strong for her size...she is all muscle
18. She can't have puppies
19. She is a good traveler
20. She made a terrible house dog..she likes it outside much better =)