Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Snippet{Family Fun Facts}

Photo Credit to the amazing Kelli Trontell

Cooper Monroe is the youngest of my three little monkeys. Cooper is a bright light in this family. He is totally cute and not afraid to use that against you. You have been warned. He is my baby, only he is not so little anymore. He never fails to make us laugh and smile!

20 Fun Facts about Cooper

1. He could sing Beatles songs before he could talk
2. His first word was Daddy
3. Everyone thinks he is older than he is.
4. He loves Mickey Mouse
5. Rough Housing is what he lives for
6. If he pees in the bathtub, he will not sit down in it (Smart Boy)
7. He will try any kind of food, but if he doesn't like it beware it's coming back out
8. He climbs and jumps off everything. He has no fear. (scares his mom)
9. He was almost a Leap Day Baby. I begged the Doctor for him not to be.
10. He recognizes The Beatles by sound and pictures
11. Every letter is the letter A, and if you ask him how many it is always 8
12. His favorite toys are blocks and drum sticks
13. He loves to be outside
14. He loves to be on the go
15.He still takes a pacifier....UGH (I am a big softie)
16. His eyes twinkle a little when he laughs
17. He thinks anything can become a drum
18. He adores his big brothers and follows them everywhere.
19. He has naturally curly hair
20. He is the only one of my three kids with a birthmark


Alisha said...

He is so cute!! And such gorgeous curly hair!!

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