Monday, September 27, 2010

Hayes Foundation{Shining A Light On SIDS}

Sometimes we come across stories in life that are both heartbreaking and inspirational. This particular story is just that, a story of sadness turned into something very beautiful by the courage of one mother.

This story starts with the tragic loss of a very precious 4 1/2 month old Oliver "Hayes" Hitzeman. Hayes, a very healthy little boy, was lost to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in June of 2002. His family was just getting to know him, figuring out what his cries meant, loving his laugh. He filled their lives with a happiness and light that has now gone dim due to his loss.

While this story is truly one that pulls heartstrings until they break, it also does not end with a life that was indeed cut too short. Though his family will never regain the presence of their precious little son, they are now on a mission. Hayes now shines a whole new light on the very real subject of SIDS all around the country, a pretty big legacy for a tiny baby boy to have left behind. His family is helping carry on that legacy.

They continue the mission to educate the public and aid in the research to better understand this terrifying silent killer. While most parents and caretakers have heard of SIDS or maybe even been handed some basic reading material on the issue, it still remains a subject at which we all shutter and little to no discussion about SIDS is taking place.

That is where The Hayes Foundation comes into play. The Hayes Foundation was created in loving memory of sweet baby Hayes by his Mother Kyra, family, and many loving friends. The purpose of the foundation is to create programs, support services, public awareness, and award grants for further SIDS research. One such campaign is "This Side Up" started in 2006.

The goal of this campaign is to educate parents and caregivers by distributing friendly T-shirts/Onesies that remind them to put babies to sleep on their backs. Studies have shown that placing babies on their backs lower their risk of becoming a victim of SIDS. "This Side Up" campaign has reached California, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, Alaska, and Florida.

The Hayes Foundation, with campaigns such as "This Side Up", are doing an astounding job to raise awareness and get America talking about this very real danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Be apart of the campaign and let's reach the Hayes Foundation's goal of a future where no one experiences the loss of a child to SIDS!!!

Find out more about SIDS at by clicking HERE and how you can help by volunteering, donating, or even just educating yourself on the guidelines to reduce the risk of SIDS

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