Monday, January 31, 2011

Stitched With Love...

Photo Credit to Moments to Memories
Mother of two, Mrs. Lauren Coffman of Livingston, TN has been crocheting on and off since high school, a hobby she picked up from her Aunt Teresa. These days Lauren has improved her crocheting skills to the level that people have started to take notice and talk about her adorable little projects, a long way away from the day when she could only stitch a straight line. Now Lauren has come to the point where she has discovered that she can learn almost any new stitch by using a good pattern. She has even began to develop her own techniques and skills of crocheting.
Lauren recalled the first thing she ever tried to make was a blanket for her then boyfriend, now husband. Lauren said, “it was hideous”. After that, she stuck with making cotton wash clothes for a time being. Still, she refused to give up her hobby and we are glad she didn’t, because those little winter beanie hats that everyone is noticing are just too cute. My personal favorite is the owl themed hat. Her hats take about 2-4 hours to make depending on their size and type.

I ask Lauren how in the world does she find the time to crochet with two small children and a full time job? Her response was that crocheting is used to help her unwind, her de-stresser. She even enlists the rest of her family to help her out from time to time. Her oldest daughter, Rylee, models the hats to make sure the size and fit is correct, while husband Josh cuts the strings needed to make the braided ears of the hats saving Lauren time for more crocheting. I am sure that baby Ryder will jump into the fun when the time comes, but for now, he is happy just to lay nearby and take it all in. Making this hobby of Lauren’s a Coffman family affair…

If you are interested in any of Lauren’s Crocheted hats just click HERE to get linked to her Facebook account. She will be happy to try, and meet any of your requests.

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