Thursday, January 6, 2011

Globtrotting Teacher

Looking for a little extra adventure in your life? Wishing you where making a bigger difference in the world? That is exactly what 27 year old, Ms. Jessica Breeding wanted out of her life.

Ms. Breeding had become unsatisfied with her position as a teacher in Middle Tennessee and came to the conclusion to combine her love of traveling and her career path together. Breeding began to apply for teaching positions overseas. Getting a response from several countries, in the end, she chose Korea. Korea had the best benefit package of any of the positions she was offered and would allow her enough time to continue traveling.

Her decision to teach in Korea, while exciting, was still a little upsetting for her family and was exceptionally difficult on her Father. He began to protest many of the countries the seasoned traveler wanted to visit but ultimately was won over when he realized how happy traveling and teaching made his daughter. Eventually, all of her family and friends were on board with the new life style she had chosen for herself. She visits back to the states about every other year for Holidays and has weekly Skype conversations. Technology has made a big difference in commutation. It has also helped battle any feelings of being homesick, a feeling she has battled during her first year on her own in Korea.

Breeding is now in love with her position as an English teacher to Korean Kindergartners. She is happy the job provides her with enough funds and time to travel and study. She is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Business. After completing the degree, she hopes to become employed by a larger cooperation in Korea, Hong Kong, or Europe as a spokeswoman for the company.

Right now, Ms. Breeding has a sense of fulfillment with 29 countries visited and many more on the list to be visited. Jessica also feels her job as a Kindergarten English teacher is one of importance and her job is making a difference in the lives of a young Korean generation. The education system differs from that of the American system. For example, the children in Korea go to school for 12-15 hours a day. Parents in Korea pay for their children to attend extra schooling. That being said, the children of Korea are covering more curriculum in each grade level compared to the children in the United States, which has both positive and negative effects. In the classroom with children, Ms. Breeding is accompanied by a co-teacher to help maximize her teaching ability and overcome any language barriers that may be present. Teaching in Korea has given her a whole new outlook on education, child development, and the little things that are involved in childhood.

After three years away from American soil, Breeding feels that her traveling has contributed to the person she has become. She feels she has become much more open minded towards the cultures of other countries, taking into account how they view the American people, both good and bad. Becoming a traveler has taught Ms. Breeding a lot about who she is, who she wants to be, and feels like traveling the world has had a giant impact on her life as a whole. She continues to feed her adventurous nature. She is very happy with her decision to become a globetrotting teacher.

Top: Combodia, Scotland, Hong Kong, Bottom: Italy, Indonesia

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