Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Activate A Smile

10 Ways To Make Someone Smile

1. Say it with flowers: Everyone loves to be thought of and remembered. Sending flowers is a great way to show someone you care. I find that one or two hand picked flowers are just the right thing to brighten someone's day! Don't fret, big bouquets are nice too!

2. Babysit: do you know a mom that could use the day off or maybe even just an hour or two to herself. Plan a fun day for you and your favorite kiddos. It will not only make the Mother smile because you gave her the priceless gift of hard to find 'me time', but it could also strength your relationship with the children, which is sure to give you smiling faces all around!

3. Snail mail: This is one of my personal favorites. Sending someone a handwritten letter is sure to bring about smiles and maybe even a letter in return. So, go ahead take out your pen and paper.

4. Flattery: Give a sincere compliment. Tell a perfect stranger you like her shoes or her hair style. Admire your neighbor's gardening skills, tell a friend they look beautiful today. A little flattery is sure to make someone's day!

5. Pay Attention: Focus on a friend, listen carefully to what they have to say. Make an effort to not talk about yourself. Make your friend really feel heard. Quality time and really listening are priceless gifts to give.

6. Say please and thank you....Manners are not a lost art, and they bring about smiles when used.

7. Let someone know they are missed. Reconnect with a family member or an old friend. It will do you both good and perhaps leave you both smiling!

8. Over Tip: Make a waiters day by leaving a little extra than the normal wages for a tip, even if the service was just average. You're sure to make their day with a little extra cash and maybe even the next customer will enjoy a waiter with a smile.

9. A Smile is truly your best accessory, and it is proven to be contagious!

10. Say I love you!!! They may already know. You may have told them before, maybe even today, but say it again! It's important!!!


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