Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to School!

Well parents, it's that time of year again. Let the homework battles and the PTO meetings begin. It's actually hard for me to imagine that summer break is coming to an end. This year I am sending my two oldest children off to school. I am both sad and excited to see what adventures lay ahead for my Kindergartner and 3rd grader this school year. Returning to school after summer break can be a bit demanding on the whole family as they bend themselves back into the school routine schedules. I thought I would share a few tips to help ease the transition and help devise a back to the school plan for your family.

#1 - Start talking with your children now about the general school rules. You know the ones: respecting your classmates and teachers, keep your hands to yourself, turn on your listening ears, and keep up with your own belongings. This will help lay out a foundation and help your children realize what is expected of them. This might also be a good time pick back up the school year bedtime routine, so it's not a shock to their little systems.

#2 - As soon as you know who your child's teacher is, get acquainted. Familiarize yourself with the teacher's classroom rules as well as their expectations for this year. Let the teacher know you are willing to help out. Even if you can't volunteer, most teachers will find a way for you to help out. It is also not a bad idea to send your child's teacher a little note at the beginning of the year including all your contact information, even your email address. Sure this information is on file, but you will be saving the teacher some time, opening the door to good communication, and also be letting them know you take an interest in your child's education.

#3 - At home, designate a quit place to do homework. Have all homework supplies close at hand and ready to use. Also discuss with your child what homework time looks like. Also, designate a place for backpacks for each child.

#4 - Freeze a few easy dinners. This will free up more time to allow you to be more hands on with homework and after school activities. It will also relieve some of that tension and free up time for the whole household. I have found that lasagnas freeze nicely!

#5 - Make a family calendar. This will just help the family keep up with activities, meetings, days off, and special school events. This will ensure that the whole family is aware and prepared.

It will not be long until we are sending our sweet little children off to fill their little heads with knowledge. I hope you enjoy the last of these days of summer vacation. Soak up these long warm days, and good luck preparing for the months ahead. May this year's summer to school transition be successful.


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