Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sigh...Yes I am a Twilight Geek!

In honor of the midnight release of New Moon, and to stay true to my motto embrace the geekness. So to stay absolutely true to the geek that I am I thought I would write a little about Twilight and even feature a New Moon inspired fashion set I made with the help of the website POLYVORE. A blog soon to come featuring that super awesome and fabulous website. okay back to New Moon. I am excited for the appearance of Aro and the whole wicked Volterra crew. Although New Moon is the one book in the series that I was tempted to put in a shredder or at the very least throw at a couple walls, and maybe out the window of a moving car. Okay so I am really just kidding kinda, but yes I am that passionate of a reader, yes those thoughts really crossed my mind embarrassingly so. Lets just say it's a darn good thing Alice is smart enough to grab Bella whisk her off to Italy to save Edward. Else the book would have never survived my geek wrath =)...Okay Okay so what if Alice gets visions of the future and has nothing to do with how smart she is. She is still totally my favorite!!! I will admit Bella is so not my favorite she is a tad to much of a whiner, and I have a feeling the melodramatics will come flying in this movie with the whole tug o war with Jacob and Edward. Silly girl she is!!! Yet I love Twilight, and the story the book series has illustrated. I am a sucker for a good love story, and yes it is a great love story. Bella and Edward are a typical oil and water love story couple only they get lucky and get a happy ending unlike poor Romeo and Juliet. As the movie releases tonight and the super fans are standing in line for tickets. I admit I am tad bit jealous because I can't wait for Alice to steal the bright yellow Porsche with her cute little style, and Jane to get uber pissed a take it out on Edward. Don't worry all you Twilight haters out there I don't think that it's going to take over the world or anything at least you hope not! =)

Below is a Fashion Set Inspired by Jane making her first appearance in the Twilight Series New Moon.


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