Friday, November 6, 2009

Show Hope, Live Hope, Have Joy

Sometimes our worlds seem to come crashing and a darkness falls over out hearts. A gloomy grey color lurks around our souls, and sadness or worry overwhelms our thoughts. Sometimes it is brought about from our own struggles, sometimes by circumstances we can't control, or even sometimes it comes by sharing the hurt of another person. There is just no denying that the human heart breaks, and storms will brew in our lives. It's in those dark moments we must hold on to hope, believe in love, and live off faith. Understand we don't have all the answers, and trust that we are strong enough to hold on to joy. We must be confident even when we feel our hearts breaking, and the confusion of our emotions spinning in our heads. Believe in the people that love us. Trust in them to shower us with support, hold us when we cry, walk beside us, and celebrate with us in hope. We are not alone. God knows our hears, and loves us despite our weakness, emotions, and short falls. So hope, live hope, have joy, and know that you can not be that easily overcome by the darkness of one little storm!