Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Thanksgiving in my Heart

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we are all looking forward to wonderful time with close friends and family and that mouthwatering feasts that will be spread before us, We shall all eat to much and all gain that dreaded holiday weight. Okay so maybe that is just me, but still Thanksgiving is upon us. I thought it would be a smashing time to make a list of a few of the things I am truly grateful for this year. So I made a list of 10 to limit myself from writing a book, because I truly am one very blessed woman. So lets begin the list which I assure you is not in any specific order.

1.) My heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness that I know that I am one of God's warriors. I am made in His perfect imagine, and while I am far, far from perfect He still spread His arms in love for me. He knows my heart, my desires, and my hopes. He breathes love and joy into my life on the brightest of days, and becomes my light on the darkest of days! I am thankful for my Jesus!

2.) My beautiful husband this section could be a blog all on it's own. I am so grateful that he loves me. He actually does more than just love me, he puts up with me even when I swing my mood into Ice Princess mode. He spoils me with extra sleep on weekends, and he has fit into the mold of fatherhood with style, and wisdom. I am truly thankful for him. I am thankful for finding my soul mate so young in life and already being able to spend 9 plus years filling our lives with memories and adventures. I look forward to so many more years with him....

3.) Parents I can't say enough how blessed I am for my parents, my in-laws included. I am grateful for them always being around for advice, love, and support in so many areas of my life, and the lives of my own little family. They have become more than just parents they have blossomed into our friends. I cherish every second of time I am able to soak up with these special and beautiful people!

4.) Siblings during childhood they annoy us one minute,then stick up for us the next. Not much changes when you reach adulthood. I really believe that the greatest gift my parents ever gave me was my kid brother. He is my life long friend who knows me probably better than anyone. He has been my shoulder to lean on so many occasions in my life. I am so very thankful for him and his beautiful family!!! P.S. I am pretty sure I can still kick his tail at some old school street fighter! =)

5.)Growing up has brought me many things to be grateful for, but my three babies are my greatest treasure. They are a piece of my heart walking on the outside of my body. they are my greatest success, and the beginnings of the legacy I will someday leave behind. They are my smile and my joy. No matter how difficult motherhood is they never fail to make it all better with an "I love you Mommy", or a great big hug!

6.) My heart holds a spot for all the doctors and nurses who have done their jobs well, and have made a difference in my Wesley's life. I believe some of these special folks have been answers to my prayers. I am so very grateful for their hard work. These folks have a speical gift to help others and for that my heart will forever be grateful.

7.) Last year we finally started settling down at a new church. This year we have started becoming more apart of the church body. I am thankful for all the new and fresh things the church family has brought into our lives, and for the friendships I see sprouting, and growing.

8.) I am thankful for small and simple things like, music and books, There is nothing more satisfying than a rainy day with a good book, and your favorite blanket, or dancing in the living room to some fabulous music with the sound of children giggling because they think mommy is silly!

9.) My memories! How thankful I am to have such beautiful ones. Both from my own childhood, and the ones I have made with my husband and children. My memories are living treasures in my heart. Something that brings me smiles on even those I don't want to get out of bed days!

10) Rounding things out at number ten is how incredibly thankful I am this year that I have learned the true meaning of forgiveness,and for allowing love to take over and come out triumphant. What a glorious good thing it has been to finally discover how to let go, and allow love to be the true guide in life, no matter what skeletons haunt your closets. Love is truly a golden, and magical thing! It brings peace and heals even the most damaged of relationships! Three cheers for love!!!

Well folks that is a bit of my hearts thanksgiving this year. I hope you will take a moment to reflex on whats important to you, and maybe even tell a few of those special folks in your life what they mean to you!!! Happy Thanksgiving enjoy turkey day!!!! =) Peace and love to all!!!