Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I <3 Polyvore

My newest obsession is a website called Polyvore. The website allows you to clip imagines from other websites and use them in your own unique and creative way to make collages or better know on the site as sets. You may also use imagines that have already been clipped or collected to the site by other users. You can be clever as you want in making your own layouts. You can role play, remake celebrity fashion statements, put your own twist on your favorite fairy princess, design album covers, or just make beautiful or scary pieces of art. It's kinda like a blank art canvas or paper dolls for grown ups! You can gain inspiration from anything around you from favorite movies, to the song that has been stuck in your head for weeks. Personally my favorite inspiration comes from books that I have read. I feel like I am bringing to life the characters that are inside my own head. The site is also just entertaining to surf around on. So many beautiful ideas in one place it's pretty impressive. You can even make a list from some of the fashion sets and go on a thrift store treasure hunt or gather ideas for next years costume parties. You can even just take some hints to dress like your favorite fashion idols or trendsetters. Polyvore also includes a section for you to shop to your hearts desire. Every item clipped to polyvore is linked to the website it was originally clipped from. This website is just jam packed with fun for the art, fashion, costume, etc lovers out there... It's pretty much where I have been spending all my free time lately. At first I was just hoping to gain some fresh ideas for my blog. Which I did indeed, but I also feel in love with the website. Now I just can't stay away! I warn you if you love art and fashion this is where they mingle and party together. That said you could become totally addicted, which may cause family members to panic =). If by chance you do join the Polyvore family be adventurous, be inspired, be unique, be colorful, be enchanting, be creative, and show of your flare!!! Oh and don't forget to look Mysticiris up while your there! I would love to see what your making. See you on Polyvore where fashion and art fuse together!


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