Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creative Costume Monster

In the spirit of the approaching Halloween season I wanted to talk about my favorite part the costumes. Every year I get almost giddy thinking about what my boys are going to be for all the festivities. This probably drives my poor husband insane for I usually start obsessing about it months before October even arrives. Maybe it's the fantasy lover in me, maybe it's the the little girl still longing to play make believe, or maybe it's the creative treasure hunter screaming to make something once a year. Whatever the reason I love the decisions and the making of my families costumes. Even as a little girl my Mom worked hard to make sure I was Halloween ready right down to my ruby slippers, spider embroidered witch dress, and my red yarn raggedy Anne wig. I really appreciate all her hard work. That is easy to say now that I am attempting to do it myself. While I could go the easy route and do the store bought costumes every year save myself some time, and stress, but apparently that creative monster is much stronger than the need to be stress free! So as I go off to the thrift stores, and glue the last piece of felt on, and tape up the last inch of boots, I know I made the costumes with love and excitement. While they will ended up sticky with candy, dirt, and who know what else on the first night of fun filled activities it will all still be worth it to me. So this year my boys along with my hubby and I will be Superhero ready in our made at home with love costumes!


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