Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Awkwardness One Bad Picture at a Time

Everyone has them them tucked away in a box, posted in long forgotten annuals, or even hanging proudly on the wall at grandma's house those embarrassing photos. The ones we wish didn't exist or at least the ones of us anyways. Well I ran across this website devoted to them. Suddenly my old embarrassing photos didn't seem so bad after all. The website's motto is 'Spreading the Awkwardness'. I must admit I spent about an hour glancing at the photos some made me laugh others almost cry. Talk about bad hair days, silly faces, strange events, and just plum what where they thinking moments. How I stumbled upon this website you might ask. Well I have to give my friend Sarah credit for this one. She posted a link on the mighty facebook. I also might add a thank you to Sarah for making my bad hair days, and silly moments actually seem kinda normal! So go ahead check out this weird, and wacky website dedicated to spreading the awkwardness, and they don't seem to be running out of the moments anytime soon. They add new photos and update almost everyday. Check out the bad hair, the all dressed to match in denim non the less, the grandparents who could use a lesson in modesty, the folks that love their pets a little to much, and the family photos that make even the blackest sheep in our families fit into the at least average category. Hey if it doesn't make you feel normal maybe you have some hidden awkward treasures to contribute to the site, or at least black mail your family and friends with. (insert evil laugh)! Either way take a look at all the glorious moments captured on film at awkwardfamilyphotos.com


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