Tuesday, October 20, 2009

August 1988

It's August 17th 1988, and I am going to my second day of the 1st grade. My teacher is Mrs. Swallows, and today my Mom is writing a letter addressed to me. A letter that will not effect my life until I am around the same age she is when writing it. She tells me in the letter how she wants the best for my kid brother and I, and how she wants me to know that I am just as smart not smarter, and just as pretty not prettier than the rest of the people in this world. She writes the letter because she is sad I am growing up to fast, and how letting go is the toughest part of parenting. Words I would have never understood as a six year old child, but now things are a little different. I am no longer six, and those words bounce their way off the paper, and into my soul. The soul that is now 27 years old, and mother of three little boys that also seem to be growing up way to fast. How realizing today that they are not always going to be small children, but I will always be their proud Mother. Also realizing that words written over 21 years ago by my Mother are teaching me life lessons, and my filling heart with joy. She was proud of me then even when I was 6, and she loved and thought enough about it to write it down for me to have now. Here is to my Mom for loving me, for teaching me, for putting up with me even still, and for the hardest part letting me go! I am proud to be your daughter and your friend! I love you Mom!


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