Thursday, October 8, 2009

Homecoming Date

The date was October 8th 1996 I was in the passenger seat driving down a familiar old gravel road. I was particularly chatty this day. Mom drove past the house and towards the old barn to where my Dad was clearing out the fence row. I had something very important to ask my Daddy on this day. I was in my first semester of my Freshman year of high school, and I had been ask out on my first real date. I thought for sure when I ask permission my Dad would say I was way to young, but he didn't he said yes. So later that evening I was off on the cool October evening to the homecoming football game in the passenger seat of a Crown Victoria with a Junior, and the man that would soon become my first love, not to mention the love of my life. I don't remember every detail of that night. I can't even tell you if we won or lost the game. I do remember it being pretty chilly that night. I also remember the butterflies throwing a huge party in my stomach, and laughing was a huge part of the evening. I was a 14 year old girl hoping on the stars he liked me as much as I liked him. Lucky for me he did, and on that cool October night at the football game in the student section in Hog-eye country two lives began to intertwine. That night I found my heart. I am not sure that I exactly new it at the time. Nor did I know that my true soul mate was going to be sitting next to me on the first date of my life. You just never know when love is going to gain her amazingly beautiful momentum!


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