Friday, September 11, 2009


Every now and then I read a book that inspires me, and maybe even changes me a little, and this summer a story about a young Mexican girl did just that.
Esperanza Rising this book made me tear up several times. It is such an powerful story about struggles, family, new beginnings, sacrifices, and the strength that love and hope gives. When young Esperanza and her mother leave behind a privileged fairy tale life in Mexico. After tragedy strikes their family forcing them to start over in California as farm workers. It's a tale hope, and the strength people gain when love is shared and unbreakable family bonds are formed. Even in the hardship that this young child faced she never gave up on love, and even found love standing right in front of her. She is guided by her heart, and forced to grow into an adult much before her time. The book is also a remarkable example how the decisions we make can effect generations of our family tree in the branches that are yet to come. I didn't know until completed the book, when I paid attention to the authors name, that it was loosely written about the authors grandmother, it only made the story that much more touching!

This book is beautiful written and I am glad it was a random book I picked up my last adventure to the bookstore. I think I learned some lessons of my own in this book....I recommend this book to anyone!!

favorite quote from the book:
"We are like the phoenix," said Abuelita. "Rising again, with a new life ahead of us."


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