Wednesday, September 2, 2009

She Is Head of Her Class

April Baird a guiding light in the lives of the young. Her frank, and sometimes funny style is only part of what defines her. She is a fighter, and a master at rising above life's unexpected moments. She has not let the tough, and sometimes heartbreaking circumstances stand in her way to find happiness in her own life, and in so many of the lives she touches. I dare you to spend 5 minutes with this woman and try not to love her. It's just not possible. She possesses some sort of magical ability to draw you toward her and you just can't help but love her. She has always been the kind of friend I wished I was. So a few years back when she told me she was going to be a teacher I wasn't completely surprised. I mean way shouldn't she pass on her enduring strength, intelligence, and hope to America's youth. Teachers are so under valued in a culture that values education so much. It is why I choose to spot light Mrs. Baird and teachers with a heart like hers. A heart for others. On a little side note to my dear teacher friend, and her charming husband congratulations you two amazing, talented, beautiful people. You are going to have so many wonderful things to teach your own little bundle of joy when he/she arrives!


Q: Have you always want to be a teacher?

A: No, not really. I was a sophomore in college before I switched majors.

Q: Now your teaching job is a little different than most can you tell us why that is?

A: This is my 3rd year teaching at an Alternative school. Our students struggle in the typical school setting. They're usually sent to us for zero tolerance; drugs, fighting, etc.

Q: How do you feel about school attire in the public school system, and should teachers be required to wear the same attire as students?

A: Teachers are typically required to wear the same attire unless it's a standard uniform. I think school uniforms are a great idea.

Q: Describe your classrooms physical appearance?

A: 12 carrels, lots of posters, my desk, my assistants desk, and a few computers.

Q: How would your describe a successful principal?

A: One that hasn't lost touch of what's it's like to be in a classroom. I understand they want to ameliorate the learning environment but they also have to realize that NCLB is not practical or reachable and Japan will continue to pass us if we don't stop trying to utilize NCLB.

Q: What is your greatest strengths as a teacher? Yes I am giving you permission to toot your own horn!

A: Probably how approachable I am and how stern I am. I make sure they understand that taking ownership of their actions is very important along with making better decisions.

Q: What is your biggest weakness?

A: Probably buying too much stuff for my room or kids out of my own pocket.

Q: How do you think your students view you? Have they given you any nicknames that you know of?

A: I think they view me as a valuable teacher. I've had quite a few come back and talk to me and tell me how I influenced them. It makes me feel good to reach a few. I'm not aware of any nicknames.

Q: What the most ask question from your students?

A: Well, considering I have 11th and 12th graders, I get asked "How many credits do I have? How many do I need to graduate?" the most often.

Q: Do you believe you are making a difference in these young lives?

A: I think I make a difference in some. However, contrary to some parents beliefs, I am there to guide and teach children...not teach them all the values and ethics that one should have. Parents still need to do some things. It would amaze one to hear some of the comments I've gotten about their own children.


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