Monday, September 28, 2009

Pink Cape of Motherhood!

The crazy conclusion that Motherhood should come with an instruction manual, superpowers, and a pink cape for fashion purposes of course. Just think how amazing it would be to clone ourselves at the snap of our fingers. We could get the laundry done, read a book, change a diaper, mop the floor, supervise homework,and cook dinner from scratch without even blinking an eye. I have a feeling this cloning ability would be a favorite of mothers of multiples. But hey lets not sell ourselves short with just one super ability. I mean x-ray vision like Superman would be handy dandy. We would always know what are darling angels where up to no more writing on the walls, mistaking mom's makeup for a paint set, or flushing toys down the toilet. Then there is the putting away every toy, dirty sock, and dish with our Jean Gray/Jedi mind skills. Talk about super clean home! Oh lets not leave out Wonder Women's lasso of truth. Always knowing who really started it!!!! No more spoiled plans with this nexted power. Manipulate the weather like Ororo AKA Storm from X-men. Sunshine on trips to the water park, snow on Christmas, and a little rain to make our gardens grow, perfect weather for every occasion. The last of this little day dream of mine would included Sue Storms ability to be invisible. You know for that five glorious and hard to come by Mommy time. Well we may not have all those super, crazy, human abilities, but we do have some special powers. We make boo-boos feel better with kisses, we can make Superhero capes out of bath towels and rubber bands, keepers of the peace, anANCan fill our hearts with as much love as we need for each of our children, and make more as needed! So you know what I don't need know super pink cape....but a cute pair of Jimmy Choo's would be nice!!!!


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