Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter Baby!

Seven years ago at 1:36 in the morning on September 18th a very scared, very nervous, very excited young girl of the age of 20 gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. On that day a Father was given a son, a family become one more member strong, a grandson was gained to spoil, and another Mother was created in the world. Although many women before me have marched to the same tune in their own unique way. This day was my own. It was special to me just like the baby we named Ethan Carter. As over the years he has gone from my newborn peanut. my dancing toddler, my excited preschooler, my reading kindergartner, my helpful 1st grader, and that brings us to this year. The year my sweet little peanut has become a dashing second grader. I look back sometimes and wonder where that bald little bundle of joy disappeared to as well as that scared new mommy. We both have grown so much, and still have many things still ahead to grow from. I am excited for the future, and sometimes miss the past. Today I am grateful for the present, and the simple small fact I can still scoop him into my lap, and love on him. Because I know he will be driving in no time, and friends, girls, college, and so much more will soon absorb his time, energy, and focus. For now in this moment I am happy that he is my dashing seven year old son. I love him more than breathing. He is one of the keepers of my heart, and today when I write his birthday letter, kiss him goodbye before school, and bake his superhero cupcakes, today September 18th, 2009 I celebrate him. I celebrate him the little boy who gave me my Motherhood title. So happy birthday my beautiful red headed Carter Baby!!!!


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