Friday, September 30, 2011

The Heart Of A 1st Grade Teacher

I love my middle son's first grade teacher. She is everything I stay awake at night praying for. Her sweet nature, her ability to make learning fun in a bold way, her patient heart and her candid ability to look past everything Wesley is not and see straight to what he is. Mrs. Williams loves all of her students with a golden heart. Looking past the messy, often ickyness, that children so often are. Simply put, she is a beautiful person with a rare passion for what she does. She cares so much more about the joys of teaching, what those kids are learning and just loving on those children to ever think twice about the flaws that so many of them carry in their little lives!

Everyday I look at Wesley, my beautiful, sweet, kind hearted little boy and pray that the world can look past his inability to run fast or the fact he walks with a limp and that his severe allergies make it impossible to keep his nose clean. I also pray for love to shine like a bright beacon in Wesley's life and for protections over him in a cruel and sometimes unkind world. And what do I get? I get Mrs. Williams as his first grade teacher! How beautiful is that answered prayer! I am so grateful that Mrs. Williams is a part of this families lives.


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