Sunday, September 11, 2011


I read this prayer tonight that was composed by a sweet friend of mine.  A young woman with such a beautiful heart that holds such a powerful amount of love. Her prayer echoed so much of what I believe so many of us are saying and feeling as we walked through this day of remembering the tragedy that happen on September 11, 2001.  Thank you Billie Sue for allowing me to publish such a beautiful and heart felt prayer, and thank you even more for being such a bright light for Christ in such a dark world.

Photograph By: Sarah Worley

by: Billie Sue Wilson
Tonight, I say a prayer
I kneel, knees to ground.
I close my eyes and take a breath,
My thoughts now making sound.
Father, I know I'm weak
I know I've let you down.
But this prayer is not for me tonight
It's for those all around.
You see, I am only one
In a land so distraught.
Where people do not offer love
Unless their love is bought.
I am no example,
I've let the world in.
But if You'll show your mercy
I'll start over again.
I know Your plan, God
For Your word has told.
I know You win at world's end
Your hand is ours to hold.
But, God, until that day
I see the pain surround
I don't know what we'd do right now
If heroes didn't abound.
Bless them, God--the brave
Who freely give their all
To protect what You have given us
Those who stand, and fall.
Protect us, God, from evil.
Hold us in Your hand.
Guide us through our troubled times
Beside us, won't You stand.
I trust you, God, always.
Through suffering and pain.
I know You have a plan for us.
For no loss is in vain.
I offer thanks, Dear God
For forgiveness of our sins.
All this I pray in Jesus' name
I love you, God. Amen.


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