Wednesday, September 28, 2011

40 Chores in 40 Days

So here lately, I have been very convicted to be content with what I have and not dwell on the things I do not have ( 1 Timothy, Chapter 6). With that came other convictions such as am I using the things I do have to glorify the Lord or am I simply allowing my pride and laziness to plant obstacles in my path. The biggest conviction comes in the form of my house. We rarely entertain in our home, invite over neighbors to get to know them or even host our dearest friends. I feel that doing so is an important part of growing friendships deeper. I can tell you hundreds of excuses as to why we don't do so, but that's all they would be, excuses. I am not embarrassed of my home it's a huge blessing in my life to have a place to call home. I am however embarrassed at the way I have taken care of it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am by no means a housekeeper. I struggle deeply with the balance of doing housework all the time to hardly doing it at all. I have a very hard time finding the happy medium and not obsessing over it. I am one of those people that hates schedules, budgets, charts, time management, even though I know they are helpful. I am totally a right brained kind of person and not wired to love them. I am working on that with the help of my husband, mother, and pinterest, but it's a seemingly very slow process for me. I am talking years people! My husband, bless his heart, is a very patient man...THANK GOODNESS!!!

So the other day I sat down at the table while my children where doing homework and devised a plan, thanks to a lot of pinterest inspiration to get organized, get the house in order, and get on the path that I believe is much more the one intended for me to be walking out. It's a fairly simple plan. I made two lists, both of them titled 40 Chores in 40 Days. One list is just for me and involves nothing but getting organized and getting rid of stuff. My goal is to achieve this list in 40 consecutive days. The other list will involve my husband a lot more and includes tackling the bigger projects like re-tiling the bathroom, painting the outside of the house and finishing the downstairs. Realistically, I don't see that being achieved in 40 consecutive days, but it still gives us goals to achieve and a master plan in hand. I know it's nothing big or complicated, but baby steps are steps forward.

I plan on blogging about it all along the way so that you guys can give me more ideas and help me to stay accountable and focused along the way. I am actually looking forward to taking this head on, at least for now I am. I actually finished project number one on the my list already. I cleaned out the utensil drawer! Yay for project # 1.
The List Also Know As MY LIST

Project #1 Day 1 Organizing the Utensil Drawer
BEFORE...What a Mess!
Added Textured Paper
All Done....Now to buy a prettier utensil organizer someday soon!
Stay tuned as I count down the finished projects. Oh and just a little FYI I was inspired by pinterest, but the original post came from this really sweet blog Little Lucy Lu.


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