Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet The Easton Brothers{Merlin's Kin}

I have recently had the great privilege of reading the first drafts of two books written by aspiring author M.G. Stover. M. Stover has been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember, and a loyal, trustworthy friend at that. So, to see him complete not only one, but two really great works of fiction (with a third installment in the works) has been truly exhilarating. I feel genuinely honored that he has allowed me to be part of the selected few to read the books in their early stages. Might I say, after reading them, I have only gained more proof of M. Stover's creative ability to make stories come to life. He has made me love characters, dislike characters, feel sorry for them and relate to them. He has even made me start out disliking them and somehow twisted that dislike into loving them without really changing the personality of the character. It’s a very unique ability that you will find only great authors possess. He has formed unlikely heroes out of the bonds of friendship and brotherhood. He has taken me on a journey filled with magic, wonder, love, struggles and the desire to live, all without overwhelming the reader.

The collection of books titled “Merlin's Kin Series” is a journey where you will meet the Easton brothers. A couple of brothers not unlike many others who fight, stick their nose in one another’s business, look out for each other and simply drive each other insane, just for a giggle. However, Jon & Renny Easton, upon further examination, aren’t your typical brothers. They are descendants of the legendary wizard Merlin, and while this leaves the eldest brother with great and powerful magical abilities, it leaves the youngest brother cursed with a transformation that is the responsibility of the older brother to eliminate. This genetic curse has burdened the Easton family tree for generations and Jon and Renny are no exception to the curse of Merlin’s kin.

That my friends is the back drop for these creatively and well written books. I have enjoyed every page and every character, and my hope is that someday very soon you will be able to pick up your own copies from the shelves of your favorite bookstore, and allow the story of Merlin’s Kin to come to life in your imagination!


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