Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Crafty Sisterhood

Rebekah and Deborah Robson are two small town girls, originally from Overton County, Tennessee who just happen to be sisters, who just happen to fall in love with and marry two brothers, who just happen to be stay at home mommies, who just happen to be two incredibly creative people.

Both of these young women are drawn to the crafting world. Rebekah has been painting, drawing, and sewing for years now, while kid sister Deborah is just getting her feet wet and exploring the crafty side of herself. After the discovery that both of them were interested in creating, the girls set out in search of an outlet for their creative energy. Thus, “20 Little Toes” was born, an Etsy shop devoted mostly to children’s projects.

“20 Little Toes” was originally created by sister Deborah and the name is a homage to her adorable twin boys. Soon after, sister Rebekah came on board as a mainstay contributor to the shop. The girls thought about changing the name, since Rebekah is also a mother to a sweet baby boy, but both decided “30 Little Toes” sounded a bit creepy, therefore deciding ultimately that “20 Little Toes” was around to stay.

The shop is dedicated to outfitting your children with both fun and practicality in mind. Both girls bring their own sense of style and ideas to the table. Rebekah's style is quirky, bright, with a twist of bohemian, while Deborah brings a more modern, streamlined, linear style with a dash of soft and feminine. The girls have found that in the crafting world their individual styles compliment each other very well. Their ability to work so well together is what makes the shop work and shows off a collective combination of their creative abilities and unique styles.

The shop has already made one appearance in the Etsy treasury section. The girls were thrilled that other crafters had connected with their work and chose their shop to be featured in such a select group.

These days the girls are busy preparing for the Holiday season. On average the girls spend 2-4 hours a day crafting and as far as plotting new ideas, the girls' brains are always in motion, daydreaming about new projects.

While Rebekah and Deborah love the crafting world, their main focus is their children. They are self described, part-time crafters and full time Mommies. While crafting is fun and challenging, their main priority is shaping the character of their sons. Crafting is something they do for themselves, something they enjoy, something that allows them to use a different part of their brains, and “20 Little Toes” is a lovely side effect of the crafting hobby of Deborah and Rebekah Robson.

To check out more of their products visit “20 Little Toes” on Etsy

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Deborah Robson said...

Thanks for the article. Great story, and wonderful designs.

Deborah Robson & Rebekah Robson-May
(mother/daughter team)
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