Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photography, Paper, Picturesque

I just could not resist spotlighting the latest creative creation by Kelli Trontell{photography} and ButterflyspArks. These beautiful young entrepreneurs are creative geniuses on their own, but when you place these two girls together, magic happens. It’s incredible, fun, simple, beautiful…it’s art! Combine ButterflyspArks' extraordinary talent for creating visually stunning graphic design pieces and Kelli Trontell{photography} unique ability to capture precious details through her camera lens and just prepare yourself to be inspired. Distinctive characters from both the ladies' creative minds creates an entanglement perfect for developing personalized memories, better known as photographs. Their latest collaboration took place shortly before both of the ladies moved away from Nashville, TN and involved drawing inspiration from a couple key ingredients their love of children and their passion to create and inspire. These ladies dreamed up a photo shoot backdrop where kids can be kids. Their goal was to inspire mom’s who run out of creative ways to photograph their children. The girls came up with fun paper cutouts: paper cheeks, mustaches, music notes, and so much more, which transformed the simple but bold backdrops into a world of imagination and for the kiddos resulting in fun and cleverly designed photographs. Every photo is overflowing with adventure and giggling children! Kelli Trontell{photography} and ButterflyspArksPlaying with Paper” is simply a brilliant use of imagination developing a fun and easy way to photograph your favorite little ones. Hope you feel as inspired as I did!

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